What Are the Policies of the Azerbaijan Visa ASAN?

Azerbaijan Visa ASAN

The Azerbaijan electronic visa is nowadays a famous type of visa, and it is also said to be the e-visa or Azerbaijan visa asan. This visa type is one of the most recent programs by the government of Azerbaijan. This program has been launched to provide the tourists of Azerbaijan with an easier process of applying for a visa. All you need is to follow the Azerbaijan visa policy to get a visa. In this article, we are going to mention the policies & requirements for the Azeri visa.

Azan Visa Azerbaijan Policies

The Azerbaijan electronic visa is the official permit that is required for legally travelling to Azerbaijan. This visa is also called the asan visa system, and you can get the asan visa from at least 100 different countries. You can get this by following the Azerbaijan policy, and you must follow the Azerbaijan visa policy and the documents that are required for the visa. The validity of the visas for Azerbaijan is for three months, or you can say for 90 days. In general, it means that you are only allowed to visit Azerbaijan only during this time period. It also provides you with a single entry permit, which allows you to have a 30 days stay.

Azerbaijan Visa Processing

The processing for the asan visa might take a month or more. But it totally depends on you that you have met all the requirements for Azerbaijan visa under the Azerbaijan visa policy. Usually, the visa application processing takes 48 hours. But for this, you have to prove to the authorities that you need the visa on an urgent basis for medical treatment.

Is it Safe to Travel to Azerbaijan?

Despite the rumors on social media, Azerbaijan is a relatively safe country for travelling as compared to other countries of the world. However, a tourist must be careful of the pocket pickers, especially in Baku. There are also numerous frauds and scams performed on tourists. Fake police officers can also issue fake tickets for grabbing money from tourists.

Azerbaijan e-Visa Requirements:

You can get an electronic visa for Azerbaijan only from the eligible countries that can meet all the requirements under the Azerbaijan visa policy. To apply for the visa Azerbaijan online, you need to provide the needed requirements, including:

  • The applicant for the Azerbaijan Asan visa or Azerbaijan visa on arrival must need to have a valid passport.
  • You need to have a passport, which is at least valid for the next six months after the arrival date of the traveller at Azerbaijan.
  • One scanned picture of the passport in which the passport’s information can be seen easily.

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  • You also have a valid and active debit or credit card to pay the fee for the visa. You can also use an active PayPal account.
  • Your authentic email address is required on which you will be notified about the visa processing.
  • Accommodation address will be an essential requirement to notify where you will stay after arriving in Azerbaijan.


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