How To Manage Guests at Your Vacation Rental Property

How To Manage Guests at Your Vacation Rental Property

If you’re new to the vacation rental business, you might be wondering how to manage guests at your property. While it might seem like a daunting task, there are a few simple tips and tricks you can use to make sure your guests have a great time while staying at your rental. Keep reading to learn how to manage guests at your vacation rental property.

What is guest management?

Put simply: guest management means taking care of every detail so your guests can enjoy their stay at your vacation rental property. This includes managing the maintenance of your property, communicating with your guests, and being available to handle any issues that may arise during their stay. Whether it’s problems with the property or complaints from neighbors, or helping with a more specific request, guest management covers everything. Verkada Guest is an indispensable tool for managing a vacation rental property. It’s a visitor management system that integrates with a security system. Verkada Guest simplifies check-in and document signing, provides analytics and reporting and strengthens security measures on your property.

Make guests feel welcome.

Making your guests feel welcome is everything. Always give your guests a good greeting, even if you’re not there in person. Create a space people can enjoy—comfortable furnishings and thoughtful amenities will help guests feel relaxed and taken care of. Putting together a welcome guide is a good way to provide guests with information about the property, the local attractions, and anything else you think is necessary. Even if all the information is in the guide, guests should still feel comfortable contacting you if they have any questions or need assistance.

Consider a property management service.

If you can’t do all of the guest management on your own, don’t fret. You can always hire a property management service. Arizona residents should check out Sottsdale Vacation Rental Property Management. When choosing a property management company, make sure all of the services you need are included in the management fee. It’s also a good idea to read reviews from previous clients to get an idea of the quality of service.

Coordinate with other suppliers.

To keep everything running smoothly, coordinate with other property managers, cleaning services, and other service providers. Establish a schedule for routine maintenance and repairs, and share important updates; make sure everyone is on the same page so any potential issues can be dealt with quickly. By working together, you can ensure that your property is well-maintained and your guests have a pleasant experience.

How To Manage Guests at Your Vacation Rental Property

Establish clear check-in/check-out procedures.

If you’re not sure what your procedures should be, here are some standard practices you can use:

  • Upon arrival, guests should be greeted by the property manager or a representative and given a tour of the property.
  • The property manager or representative should ask the guests to review and sign the rental agreement.
  • The guests should be given a set of keys and instructions for using any electronic locks or keyless entry systems.
  • The guests should be advised of any rules or restrictions that apply to the property.
  • The guests should be shown how to use any appliances or amenities on the property.
  • Guests should be asked to leave the property in the same condition as it was when they arrived.
  • The guests should be asked to remove all trash and recycling from the property.
  • The guests should be asked to leave the property clean and in good condition.

Generate reports on guest activity.

Guest activity reports allow vacation rental property managers to keep track of who is coming and going, what times of day they are arriving and departing, and how long they are staying. This information is valuable in assessing the overall traffic at the property and helping to identify any patterns in guest behavior. Guest activity reports can also help managers track which guests have checked in and out, and when.

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If you own a vacation rental property, guest management should be a top priority. Whether you do it yourself or you hire a service, you want your guests to have the best vacation at your rental. Good guest management ensures that people have a positive experience and will return or recommend your property to others, so getting it right is vital.


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