Fun Things To Do In Manila

Fun Things To Do In Manila

The City of Manila is the bustling capital of the Philippines, and with over two million people living there, it’s one of Southeast Asia’s most populated. This is a city where old nestles next to new and despite it being a bit crowded, everyone seems happy, giving it the reputation of being one of the world’s friendliest cities. If you are lucky enough to spend some time in Manila, don’t worry, there is a wealth of fun things for you to do here!

After you have checked in to one of the magnificent Manila Bay hotels and unpacked, change into your comfortable walking shoes and set out on your Manila adventure! We have collected some of our favourite attractions for you!


This is Manila’s Chinatown and is considered to be the world’s oldest, dating back to 1594! Bring your appetite because this place is home to some of the best Chinese cuisine to be found anywhere beyond the Middle Kingdom! Quaintly decorated eateries dot the streets, each with their own special dish. You can feast upon roast duck, dim sum, and other Chinese delights, or try out Binondo’s unique Filipino-Chinese treats like lumpia a’la Shanghai, a crispy egg roll stuffed with savoury fish and vegetables, or hopia, a rich bean paste-filled pastry!


Manila’s historic walled city was constructed during the Spanish occupation back in the 16th century. Intramuros was the colony’s centre, and the walls were built to prevent invasion by Spain’s many enemies, which only the richest and most well-to-do could afford to live behind. This historic area is full of old-world charm, the cobblestone streets are lined with Spanish houses built in the quaint architectural style the Iberian Peninsula is famed for. These elegant edifices now house museums, and you can spend a whole day just exploring their vivid windows into the past. There are also beautifully maintained parks and gardens to stroll about in, and the venerable San Augustin Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you get tired of walking, just hail one of the famed kalesa, a horse-drawn carriage that will transport you back to the days of old!

The National Museum

This magnificent museum is home to the Philippine’s many national art treasures, all on loving display for you to enjoy. Gaze at the splendid Spoliarium, the nation’s largest and most famous painting, by Filipino master painter Juan Luna. You can also gape at the skeleton of Lolong,  the world’s largest crocodile that could have eaten a grown man whole in one bite! It’s long dead, but smiling at it is still not recommended. The admission is free, so don’t miss this treasure trove of artistic and scientific wonders!

Bonifacio Global City

After all that walking you could probably use a cold drink! That’s when it’s time to check out Manila’s fun nightlife scene at its veritable capital, Bonifacio Global City, which houses a plethora of bars and restaurants to suit anyone’s tastes!

If you would like to find out more, check out the Philippine Government’s tourism board’s Manila webpage. We hope we have inspired you to come give us a visit, we would love to see you here in friendly Manila!


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