Places to Visit in Chennai, India with Oman Air

Places in Chennai

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, an immensely populated Indian state. The city is the amalgamation of historical culture blended with the modern vibe. If you are in this city and your only idea of fun is to grab the popcorns or cappuccino, then you are thinking it wrong all along. Similarly, you are also wrong if you know places in Chennai only for cricket matches and the mouth-watering dishes. In reality, Chennai has so many things to offer that one life would not be enough to experience all the things. 

If you are passionate about exploring the intricacies of Chennai with Oman Air online booking, we have come up with six best places that will offer you the crux of Chennai’s tourism culture. We hope that these magical spots will completely change your perception of this vibrant city. 

VGP Universal Kingdom

The VGP Universal Kingdom is an amusement park that offers all kinds of thrill and fun to the visitors. It is located on the East coast road and has a plethora of amusing activities to energize you. From the adventurous rides and swings to the live shows and eateries, the park has everything for the fun lovers. Moreover, if you are coming with your family, you would be surprised to enjoy entertainment activities. The balloon racer and the circus train are the most popular things to do here. For adults, the park hosts live festivals and concerts so that they could party hard. 

Government Museum, Egmore

This one is India’s oldest public museum. It is located on the Egmore Pantheon Road and has been offering the tourists several educational and recreational attractions for the past 160 years. The museum is mainly popular for the coins and antiques of Tamil culture. Inside the museum, there are also several complexes including the Museum Theatre and Connemara Public Library. The theatre acts as a stage venue for different performances, whereas the library serves to educate the students and teachers alike. Certainly, sitting inside the peaceful walls of the museum and discussing the intellectual subjects will enlighten your mind. 

Besant Nagar Beach

Besant Nagar Beach is popular primarily among youngsters because of its lively cafes and dessert joints. Though it is not as much crowded as the Marina Beaches, it is certainly a unique one where life is full of joy and pleasure. Since the 20th century, the beach has been serving as a famous picnic hotspot for families. The beach is also called the Elliot’s Beach because it was once governed by a person with the name of Edwar Elliot. Here, the Murugan Idli Shops and Gourmet Ice Cream are the popular eating spots. So, you should definitely visit this exciting place while you are in Chennai. 

Vandalur Zoo

It is believed that Vandalur Zoo is the largest zoological park in entire India. On a daily basis, the zoo attracts thousands of visitors from all parts of the country. Locals here claim that the development of the zoo was started in 1855. The government officials of that time had thought that they would build a complex where the rare animals could be housed. The current area of the zoo is about 600 acres and it surprisingly hosts over 1,500 wild species. Among these, there are 46 endangered species of insects, reptiles and mammals, and birds. So, you must come here to get an adventure break. 

Kapaleeswarar Temple

This temple is as old as 700 years. It is one of the oldest Places in Chennai of worship for the Hindu community. Apart from being the religious point, the temple is also a hub of several cultural and musical events. Moreover, people who aspire to learn dancing also come here hone their skills. The surrounding buildings and houses of the temple still depict the ambiance of ancient architecture. Moreover, there is also a large water tank in the temple complex, which supplies water to the adjoining areas. The tallest statue at the temple stands at the 40 m along with a much smaller one. In order to get cheap flight tickets for Chennai, booking the tickets in bulk should be your best bet. 

Express Avenue Mall

You should shop at the Express Avenue Mall until you drop. The mall has everything you can ever dream of. All your shopping needs can be conveniently catered by this amazing mall. From the clothing outlets and carpet shops to the vegetable stalls and jewelry items, the mall has all the things to satisfy your needs. In addition, you will also be able to play digital games in one of the largest gaming complexes in South Asia. Kids especially love this place because of the gaming zone and the eight screens Cineplex. Therefore, you cannot depart Chennai without coming to the Express Avenue Mall. 

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That’s it. We have unveiled all the mesmerizing spots of Chennai for you. If you want to ask anything about these Places in Chennai, feel free to ask in the comments section below. 


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