Best Small Start-Ups For Expats In The USA

Start-Ups in USA

Imagine your business is thriving, but then your income suddenly stops, and then boom COVID-19 hits. I’m sorry to say but your business is depreciating and before you know, you may even end up going broke. In this article, you will read about, Best small Start-Ups in the USA.

Heartbreakingly, it’s not? But there are millions of worldwide are facing this very same scenario. If you also are, then you need to diversify and set up a second business that you can fall back too. Even as an ex-pat in the United States, you can start any of these businesses while you wait to attain permanent residence or citizenship.

Top 5 easy to start businesses in the United States

We have good news. The team and I took time into the matter to investigate which businesses will work perfectly when the lockdown is lifted and investors like you are low on cash. These 5 came out on top. These are the best cheap Start-Ups in USA right now.

Start A Tech Outlet:

Selling smart gadgets, washing machines, gas cookers, iron blender, mixers, air fryers, laptops,  electric stoves, and smartphones has proven to be very very profitable to most people that venture into this niche. This particular niche is going to be a bomb as soon as the lockdown is completely lifted.

There is hardly any record of loss in this business. This is because most consumers don’t know the actual price of the products or commodities that they bargain for. They buy because they believe they got a good deal and that these machines would make them work easier or foster productivity. 

Let’s take a Sony home theatre, for instance, if the actual price is $3,000, you can charge the consumer $5,000 even sell it for $3,497. The customer will gladly carry it home thinking he got a good deal because he saw the price of the same product for $4,000 on Amazon. If you don’t have enough money to start your own retail store, you can start selling online using Amazon or Shopify.

Real Estate & Property Flipping

Landlords are rumored to be one the richest set of entrepreneurs in the United States, ask Ray Kroc if you don’t believe me. This price of land has been known to always appreciate not just in the United States but worldwide; because the land is money-making assets, it doesn’t remain constant it increases and adds up as years go by. 

Not just owning land, but adding having a building on that every land is a goldmine. Instead of owning a dormant land, you can have a farm, apartment, small motel, or bar that is more profitable and useful. When you have all these side attraction or investment on your land, the money coming from it is humongous. 

The standard price for an acre of land in the US varies in location, state, and can even be determined by the seller. As an ex-pat in the US, that is bilingual [English, Chinese, Spanish, French, or any other useful language], I assure you that you will make a lot of money in property flipping. 

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is another amazing business idea that will work super well in 2020. In fact, the search volume for how to make money online increased during this lockdown period. There are plenty of opportunities online. There’s crypto trading, affiliate marketing, lead generation, Forex, blogging, and much more.

This is one of the best Start-Ups in USA business ideas for ex-pats in the United States thinking of working from home. Digital marketing allows you to be innovative, solve problems, recommend products, and make a change. But requires a lot of hard work, patience, and, diligence. You can start a blog or website for as low as $4 per month on Bluehost.

Setup An Education Institute:

In the United States, education is valued by the general public and most people love shiny certificates more that value. Private individuals and other smart entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this. In places like Arizona, Florida, and Beverly Hills, there are rumored of adult education institutes and private learning institutes that charge as much as $12,000 per month for just private lessons. How crazy is that?

 If setting up your own institute seems like a very big deal, you can start small as a private one on one home tutorials and lectures, or apply as a teacher in any of these institutes. Sounds ok for you right?

Retail store:

Owning your own wholesale or retail store is another great way to make money in the US as an ex-pat. If you already have a functioning business, you can start it own as a side hustle or pocket investment. 

Millions of Americans venture into commercial trade not just because of educational barriers for professional jobs or unemployment but because there is no special skill required. You just need a functioning brain to understand where goes where and you are all set to go.

You can even start commercial trading from scratch and in no time you will own a mini-mall or supermarket. Start-Ups in the USA, most commercial businesses are owned by sole proprietors, but they seldom franchise their business or partner with other businesses to maximize profits. 

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Yes, we know this is an awesome list and filled with great ideas. If you didn’t get what you were looking for, we promise to add more amazing business ideas for you. If you liked it, try out the one you believe would work for you and tell us how it goes.


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