10 Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction in Young Age you Should Know


Erectile Dysfunction has become more common in more than 40, but nowadays doctors have encountered plenty of reasons for Erectile Dysfunction in young age as well. Treatments and medication are useful for both age groups to attain better erections.

Erectile dysfunction or Impotence is a very familiar term nowadays; it involves the inability to erect during intercourse because of lack of blood flow in the male reproductive part that is needed for satisfying intercourse.

Generally, failed erections as seen in men with more than 40 years of age as there are several health issues like diabetes, heart problem and blood pressure that leads to improper blood flow and eventually ED. ED at young age can be seen because of various psychological and biological issues.

According to an estimate by NCBI, it is seen that erectile dysfunction affects around 8% of men in the age group 20-29 years and 11% of those in the age group 30-39.

10 Reasons for having Erectile Dysfunction in young age

1. Sedentary Lifestyle and Obesity

We all know that being overweight or getting extra fat is always a no as it brings severe health issues and problems. But did you know that getting extra fat might also affect your testosterone level and convert it into estrogen?

This is why Dr. Chirag Bhandari- a renowned sexologist in Jaipur says that obesity and unhealthy lifestyle can lead to failed erections in young age. If you aim to exercise regularly and lose fat, then there are chances that you can cure ED.

2. Smoking

Tobacco and smoking are undoubtedly dangerous for a person to take regularly. Not only it affects liver and kidney, but it also creates ED issues in males. Consumption of tobacco can decrease the blood flow in the body, including the male reproductive part.

The improper blood flow in the body makes it difficult for a man to achieve erections during sexual activity. The only way to overcome ED is to avoid smoking as soon as possible because “it’s never too late”.

3. Side Effects of Medication

It is normal to take medicines as soon as you witness any health issues or unusual change in your body that you don’t want. But are you aware that medicines come with many changes that your body suffers from in the future? Drugs like antidepressants, acid-reflux medicines, pain relief, and blood pressure medicines increase the chances of Erectile Dysfunction in young age.

4. Psychological Issues

A man’s brain thoughts of things that a female can never understand. Mental health is as important as physical health, and when any of them gets disturbed, there are no that a man can perform well in bed. Erectile dysfunction is a cause in which the brain plays a very vital role in achieving an erection. If you are under work, stress, depression, or other mental issues, your brain will perform well.

5. Performance Pressure

One of the major thing that prevents a person from having satisfying sexual intercourse is the nervousness to perform well. Many men lose control of their erection or get trouble getting an erection due to the performance pressure. They worry about satisfying their partner so much that they forget to have fun the whole time.

6. Low Testosterone Level

Low testosterone level is major issues why young men encounter erectile dysfunction causes so early. At least 1 out of 4 men faces low-testosterone levels, leading to low sex drive, hair loss and ED in males. If you suspect that your ED issues are due to low testosterone levels, it is advisable to consider a blood test, such as a testosterone test in the UK. This test can accurately measure your testosterone levels and help determine if they are the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction symptoms.

7. Diabetes

Many people ask about erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes as they are unaware of its role in ED causes. Diabetes is a sign of various health issues, mainly erectile dysfunction with which a person has to live. The longer you get diabetes (type 1 or type 2) in your body, the chances of getting ED in the future.

8. Prostate Cancer or Injury

A healthy prostate is a sign of better sexual health and performance. The prostate is responsible for creating semen’s major components. Having prostatic hyperplasia is not a sign of ED, but its medication can. It is advised for a person having prostatic cancer to take proper advice before going for ED solution.

9. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Many people are unaware that STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and its infection that a man gets when he gets physical. Chances to get conditions like chlamydia, gonorrhoea, untreated HIV and prostate gland infection are high and can lead to erectile dysfunction in future.

10. Stress

Stress is the ultimate cause of most health conditions and diseases, and erectile dysfunction is one of them. And the vice versa is also true that erectile dysfunction causes psychological issues in a couple. Taking stress very often can interfere with your brain and its functioning of sending signals to make extra blood flow to the penis for perfect erection timings. And if brains stop functioning well, it becomes tough to ejaculate at the ideal time after orgasm.

Some other reasons due to which a person faces Erectile Dysfunction in young age

Though the points as mentioned earlier cover everything that can be a reason for having Erectile Dysfunction in young age. Dr. Chirag Bhandari- a famous sexologist in Jaipur says that various undiagnosed causes make people get disturbance in erection timings. But some traces show that the below-given reasons also contribute to ED:

  • Partner-related Dynamic like relationship issues, conflict, lack of communication or dissatisfaction.

  • Hormonal issues and unusual metabolism

  • Drug Consumption

  • Lack of Sleep

  • Unhealthy food habits

Erectile Dysfunction treatment consists of various methods like medication, behavioral therapy and surgeries that help people overcome erection problems. Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction in young age can be many, but the reason to eliminate it from your life is only one- to have a healthy sex life in future.IASH offers a variation of erectile dysfunction treatment in Jaipur from which you can use your idea one and eliminate erectile dysfunction causes from your life forever.

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