Top 9 Strategies For Website Optimization in 2021

Top 9 Strategies For Website Optimization in 2021

Your website is the showcase of your business and services. Therefore, it becomes essential for every business to work on Website optimization to land at the top for every customer query. However, if you are not so familiar with the term SEO, it is very likely to feel overwhelmed with the oceans of information on the web.

The secret is not to work on too many tactics but to focus on skilled strategies. Though there are plenty of things to work on when you go into the depths of digital marketing, certain essentials need to be kept in greater focus.

Ensure Mobile Compatibility

The news of the mobile-first index officially rolled out back in March of 2018, but the people who are highly concerned about their marketing plan started working on this approach long ago. The primary goal which you need to target with mobile compatibility is to go for all device support. Please make sure you check your website’s speed and page load time over the desktop, laptop, and mobile devices to check its adaptability. Whenever you skip serving a particular device, it lets you lose a visitor.

In 2021, you must understand the pattern of consumer habits to search the web to deliver a quick solution. Also, it would be best if you tried to scale your images for a perfect response to mobile users. Some of the additional moves you can make for the mobile-optimized website:

  • include short meta-tags
  • resist pop-ups covering website content,

And never use mobile-first agenda to opt for cloaking as common content should be delivered to users and search engines.

On-Page Technicalities

Before optimizing your website for search engines, it is essential to work on an SEO audit. However, it may seem intimidating to perform, thanks to the wide range of SEO tools that make it easy to work on an audit. So, when you are on your way to work on the technical optimization process, i.e., On-Page SEO of your website, the primary thing you need to target is mobile-friendliness, as we have stated above.

Some of the other tasks which you need to perform 

  • Include checking over status code errors and making corrections, 
  • Optimize a website for robot.txt, and check for site indexing with Google search console. 

Moreover, you should get a fix for meta tags and descriptions, replace underperforming content with fresh and keyword-oriented content, fixing broken links and XML sitemap.

Website Loading Speed

The third factor we have in our list is page speed, which directly affects your website traffic and conversions. Though Google says that the average loading time is around 22 seconds, most of the users bounce back from the webpage if it does not load within 3 seconds. It simply means that if your website has a slow loading page, you lack user experience.

Some of the necessary things you do to improve the speed of your website are to reduce the HTTPS requests, compress the size of files, decrease DNS time, increase the server’s response time, and use good hosting support. Some other practices you can try involve reducing image size, plugins, and redirects on the website.

Target Audience

Though you may feel SEO be all about working on keywords, the more important factor which needs to be combined with keyword use is defining the user intent. This is done to approach Google’s core algorithm requirements related to machine learning and Artificial intelligence rather than just focusing on high traffic keywords.

Once you start to learn the intent of your users exploring the search engine, you are on the right path to optimizing your website. You need to understand that searches are becoming more dynamic, and you need to target more conversational queries. You need to target the contextual relevance of the keyword to the user intent and search query for creating a website that can contribute to your best local SEO strategies. For instance, if a person is looking for an attorney, it can be anything from a personal injury attorney to or accident lawyer. Therefore understanding user intent is very important.

Use Of Content

Content is king, but how you present your king on the website is very important, and therefore you should try to keep your content that is oriented to the users but is optimized for the search engine. The entire plan behind content creation is to produce stuff with keywords that could be used by the audience and keep them engaged. When you are done with understanding the content required by the audience, you are all set to go for optimization.

It should never contain content that is appealing and has high traffic or search volume because google never rewards such techniques. Instead, you should try to present relevant content that could bring the desired audience to your website. All you need to do to optimize your content for a great website is to hijack trending topics, and content should be presented with creative graphics with no stale content used.

Schema Markup

A great strategy that can help you gain solid exposure for your website includes adding schema markup. When you add schema markup to your website, it develops the rich snippets featured on the search result page. The best part is that all the search engines support the microdata, either google, bing, yahoo, or Yandex.

The real goal behind the schema markup is to share your web page’s context and feature it on the search result page for an improved search experience. Though you may think that adding schema to your website could be a daunting task, it is very simple to implement the thing. If your website is running on WordPress, you can use multiple plugins to add a schema for business events, products, reviews, videos, and recipes.


UI and UX are two factors intended to target the users and gain insights into their requirements while they raise any query on the web. These two terms are interlinked as the user interface of your website defines the ease of operating for the user when they visit any webpage. Suppose you can deliver a smooth and easy experience to the user. In that case, you are halfway done to retain and engage a user by understanding their requirement, values, and limitations.

However, when you need to outperform both UI and UX, you must serve the usefulness with easy to navigate experience. From your design to the content, you must attain an emotional connection with the user. Your webpage should integrate all the elements with the design while it should be a credible experience with value-added to every effort made by the user.

Quality Backlink

Links are one of the most significant factors that could affect the reputation of your website. So, if you don’t want to get dropped off the SERPs, it is necessary that in 2021 you should get rid of all the spammy links. You always need to keep in mind that when it counts for the backlinks, the quality of the links is always what matters in comparison to quantity.

So, if you want to track your website for all the backlinks that are strong and genuine in the count of Domain and page authority of links, make sure you dedicate your time to utilize the benefit of resource pages. Moreover, every broken link to your website should be rebuild or fixed to create a stronger impression of your website. Some of the additional moves you can practice to gain quality backlinks include guest posting, mining all the links from the past, and claiming the unclaimed and unmentioned links.

Optimize For Voice Search

Last but not least, if you want your website to stay at the top of your niche and SERPs, you have to aim for voice search. This is because a vast majority of the users are using voice commands. It simply raises the requirement to target a particular user intent who looks for voice compatibility with searches.

If you need your website to be listed on the top of search engine results, you have to target the queries which are more conversational and long. The secret behind such a strategy is to understand the keywords relevant to your audience and could contribute to your success agenda. This may need you to think like the customers and relate to the user requirements to deliver the best experience of using voice search.


The huge amount of data shared on the web every day could be dreadful to understand, and it could lead you towards analytical paralysis, failing all the efforts. Therefore, if you work most professionally to counter all the 9 factors stated above, you can quickly chase success for many years to come and not just in 2021.


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