What is the Complete ICAI CA Registration Fees Structure?

CA Foundation Registration Fees

CA Course is the best professional course with a bright future scope. If you are also one of them, you should know that you need to complete the registration to give the CA exams. In this article, you can get the CA Registration Fees of all levels. There is also the 75% fee concession and other details. (If you want to know the CA course’s detailed procedure, click on the link above.)  

CA Registration Fees

As you know, there are three levels of CA Course, and all of them require a separate registration process and fee submission. The separate registration fee details are given below for each of the CA Course levels.

CA Foundation Registration Fees

Particulars Indian Students Foreign Students
Foundation Prospectus Rs 200 US $ 20
CA Registration Fee Rs. 9,000 US $ 700
Student’s Journal (optional) Rs. 200 US $ 20
Member’s Journal (optional) Rs. 400 US $ 40

The four parts make the CA Foundation registration fees structure.

  1. The prospectus is given for introducing the students to the CA Course pattern. The students must pay for it during registration.
  2. Next is the main registration fees charged by ICAI, which is again compulsory.
  3. One year subscription to the student’s journal is optional for CA Foundation students.
  4. One year subscription to the member’s journal is also optional for CA Foundation students. 

The compulsory registration fees for CA Foundation is Rs. 9,200, but you choose to pay the additional Rs. 600 for the student and member journal subscription.

Note: If you apply for the CA Foundation under the provisional registration, you should know the CA Foundation registration fees (under provisional registration) will be the same for you.

CA Intermediate Registration Fees

As you know, there are two routes to join the CA course; one is by giving the CA Foundation exam, second is directly joining the CA Intermediate level. Also, there are two groups in the CA Intermediate level, so your options available in both routes will vary.

CA Intermediate Registration (by CA Foundation Route)

You get the option to register for both groups or only one group at a time (if you register through the CA Foundation route). 

The registration fees of CA Intermediate for a single group and both groups will differ, as shown in the table below.

Details of Fees Both Groups (For Indian Students- Rs) Both groups (For Foreign Students- US $) Single Group (For Indian Students- Rs) Single Group (For Foreign Students- US $)
Registration Fee 15,000 11,000
Student’s Activity Fee 2,000 2,000*
Registration Fee as article assistant 1,000
Total Fees 18,000 1,000 13,000 600

*To be paid once. (If you select single group registration, you will be required to pay for the student’s activity only once.)

CA Intermediate Registration (by Direct Entry Route)

If you choose the direct entry route in CA Course, you will have to register for both groups. The registration fees for CA Intermediate will be as follows:

Details of Fees Both Groups (Rs) Both groups (US $)
Registration Fee 15,000
Student’s Activity Fee 2,000
Registration Fee as article assistant 1,000
Prospectus 200 20
Total Fees 18,200 1,020

CA Final Registration Fees 

For the CA Final course, you need to register for both the CA Final groups at once. Below are the registration fees of CA Final course.

Particulars CA Final Registration Fees
Both Groups (For Indian Students) Rs. 22,000
Both groups (For Foreign Students) US $ 1100

CA Registration Renewal Fees

The registration of CA Course levels is valid for a limited period as per the ICAI guidelines. If you want to give your CA exams after the registration validity period is over, you will have to follow a simple procedure. You don’t have to register for the CA course again, but revalidate your registration by paying a fee through the SSL portal. The fee structure and validity period are different for each level, as shown in the below table.

CA Course Level Registration validity 

(from the date of your registration)

Revalidation Fees
CA Foundation 3 years Rs. 300
CA Intermediate  4 years Rs. 400
CA Final 5 years Rs. 500

CA Registration Fee Concessions

ICAI has given a 75% exemption on the registration fees of all levels. This exemption can be availed till 31st March 2022. Only the students who are from the newly formed territories of J&K, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura are eligible for this concession by ICAI. If you want to use this registration fee waiver concession, you need to submit these documents: domicile certificate/permanent resident certificate and ID proof. 

Level Registration Fees Concession Registration Fees to be Paid
CA Foundation Rs. 9,000 Rs. 6,750 Rs. 2,250
CA Intermediate Rs. 18,000 Rs. 13,500 Rs. 4,500
CA Final Rs. 22,000 Rs. 16,500 Rs. 5,500

FAQs: CA Registration Fees

Q1. What is the CA course registration fee?

Ans. The registration fee for CA Course is :

CA Foundation- Rs. 9,000

CA Intermediate- Rs 18,000

CA Final- Rs 22,000 

Q2. Can I pay the CA course Registration fees through cash?

Ans. No, the CA registration process is done online, so you have to choose any one of the payment methods accepted by ICAI. (Net banking, UPI payment, Debit card, Credit card, etc.)

Q3. Is the CA Registration Fees refundable?

Ans. No. ICAI does not have any refund policy for the registration fees. However, if the double payment was made from your account due to any technical error, you will only receive a refund. You can see the complete ICAI guidelines for more elaborated information and details.


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