Decorating The Bathroom With Adhesive Accessories

Decorating The Bathroom With Adhesive Accessories

Small changes in your bathroom can make a big difference and help give a new air to the entire stay. Also, if you are one of those who hate drilling holes in the wall or you just don’t get along with the drill, surely you don’t want to miss any details on the topic we’re going to talk about today: the adhesive bathroom accessories from Bathroom Design. Adhesive bathroom accessories are a good solution to give a bathroom change without the need for complicated renovations.

Decorating The Bathroom With Adhesive Accessories

There are accessories for all tastes, finishes of all kinds and with a multitude of functionalities. And one of the most useful and remarkable options is the accessories without drilling. The latter include 3M adhesive, one of the strongest adhesives on the market and which is being used successfully to incorporate decorative elements to the wall in an easy and durable way.

These adhesive accessories can be a very good solution, especially to avoid unsightly holes in the wall, and also to avoid possible breakages that may occur when drilling holes in bathroom tiles.

Choose the Place

Thanks to the adhesive technology, you will be able to have the complement or accessory you need in the place of the bathroom that you think is most convenient, without the need to make a single hole. In addition, this aspect is one of the most important since it is an installation that does not dirty the bathroom, keeping the environment clean. Accessories such as the hangers in the GRAVITY collection have this type of installation in any of their finishes. This collection also has several pieces that are versatile: its 30 cm towel rail can be used horizontally to hang towels, or on the contrary, opt for a more creative option: hang it vertically by inserting various pieces into the piece. roll-shaped towels.

Great Durability

This type of accessory incorporates 3M adhesive, a type of adhesive that is guaranteed not to come off easily. By incorporating the adhesive, these accessories are super difficult to peel off, making them just as durable as conventional bathroom accessories.

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To install them, it is only necessary to mark the area where we will install the accessory, apply the 3M adhesive, heat the adhesive of the piece and wall, press for a certain time and that’s it. With this simple process, we will be able to have high-quality bathroom accessories that can also support weight and provide functionality to the bathroom.

Adhesive Accessories

The good thing about Bathroom Design adhesive accessories is that they can be applied to different styles. In Bathroom Design we have a wide range of adhesive collections that each have their own aesthetics and adapt to different types of decoration.

For example, if your bathroom has a more classic decoration, the perfect collection with adhesive installation is SIENA. Its sophisticated combination of classic lines, with a perfect harmony of finishes make this collection a unique alternative for the bathroom.

However, if instead you have an industrial-style bathroom, a collection of accessories with a minimal style can combine perfectly. This is the case of the MIA bathroom accessories collection, its straight and simple shapes accompanied by a decoration of this type, will make the environment harmonious and balanced.

Simple Maintenance

It is very important to have a regular maintenance of the product so that the product has much more durability. It is very simple, as they are easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Another very important recommendation is not to leave the accessory in continuous contact with water or drops. And you should not use abrasive products for cleaning.

Accessories from LUA Collection

Thanks to the 3M adhesive, we have been able to offer a great advance in the method of installing accessories. Collections such as Mia, Pop or Dual are very special since they have both installation systems, being able to choose which is the best for the bathroom.

From Bathroom Design we are working day after day to offer a wide range of collections that have adhesive installation. And you, which collection with adhesive installation do you like the most?

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