5 Best Legal Steroids Brands on the Market

5 Best Legal Steroids Brands

Legal steroids are the new ‘in’ thing in the bodybuilding industry. Many people want fast gains but aren’t willing to pay the price with their health.  Legal steroids brands are trying to provide a solution to this, by formulating compounds that can copy the benefits of anabolic steroids, without causing any harm to the body. 

List of 5 Best Legal Steroids Brands

Brutal Force is one of the top legal steroid brands on the market today, having 5 different compounds available. These are:

  • DBulk (dianabol)
  • TBulk (trenbolone)
  • ABulk (anadrol)
  • SBulk (sustanon)
  • CCut (clenbuterol) 

Thus, there are 4 bulking legal steroids, and 1 for cutting. 

Let’s take a look to see what each of these different supplements do exactly — and who they’re best suited for.

DBulk (Dianabol)

Almost everyone knows about the anabolic steroid, dianabol, and the immense benefits it provides. Bodybuilders experience incredible size and mass gains when taking this oral steroid; no matter what their genetics. 

Dianabol is believed to be responsible for transforming a young Austrian who went on to become the best bodybuilder of all time (*cough Arnold*). 

The problem with Dianabol will always be the side effects. It is an oral, which is notorious for causing liver and cardiovascular strain. 

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Water retention and gyno can also be unpleasant visual effects; plus the hormonal crash post cycle, due to low testosterone. 

DBulk will shift users into an increased anabolic environment, increasing their chances of packing on muscle and strength. It does this by stimulating protein synthesis and increased testosterone production through the inclusion of amino acids and herbs. 

TBulk (Trenbolone)

Trenbolone doesn’t produce the same mass gains as dianabol, however its users could argue that when it comes to strict muscle gains — it’s equal in power. 

Trenbolone doesn’t cause huge gains in weight, because it’s also a powerful fat burner and it doesn’t aromatize; meaning there’s no water weight gained. 

Therefore, trenbolone is best suited to a person that wants to ‘lean bulk’ — which can be done in the summer or winter, without compromising aesthetics. 

Trenbolone, although one of the most powerful steroids on the market, is not mild when it comes to side effects. For many, it can be a rollercoaster physically and mentally, with blood pressure reaching high levels and anxiety occurring in some individuals. Also, trenbolone will cause significant testosterone shut down, once dosing ceases. 

TBulk is formulated to replicate the same effects as trenbolone, making it a suitable legal steroid when bulking or cutting. TBulk also is an oral which is joy to the ears of many, who aren’t keen on injecting trenbolone. 

ABulk (Anadrol)

ABulk is the legal steroid alternative for oxymetholone or Anadrol. 

Anadrol is an oral steroid that works similarly to Dianabol, in regards to its benefits and side effects. Thus, it’s regarded as a powerful bulking AAS. 

However, it causes excessive liver strain, and can send blood pressure levels rising to incredible heights. 

Thus, it’s not the most popular steroid in the world because it has the power to sabotage one’s health. 

However, ABulk is 100% safe and produces no side effects. Although it’s an oral, ALT/AST values do not rise noticeably and it can be taken for long periods of time. 

SBulk (Sustanon) 

SBulk is the legal steroid alternative for Sustanon 250, which essentially is a form of injectable testosterone. SBulk however comes in pill form, making it effortless to consume. 

Sustanon 250 actually is one of the safest steroids on the market, however, it is banned by the FDA for recreational use because it still has a negative effect on cholesterol and natural testosterone production. Sustanon can also provoke enlargement of the prostate gland, as well as causing acne (due to excessive sebum production). 

There is also a risk of gynecomastia, with it having estrogenic effects. 

SBulk won’t cause any of these side effects and will increase a person’s endogenous testosterone level without shutting them down post-cycle. SBulk is best taken by someone looking to build muscle and strength (whilst also burning some fat). 

CCut (Clenbuterol) 

CCut is a cutting legal steroid brands that mimics the same fat-burning process as clenbuterol. 

CCut is preferred by some users because it doesn’t cause heart health to deteriorate. Heart rate can reach very high levels on clen which can make its users feel like they’re having palpitations or the beginning of a heart attack. It is a very potent drug and thus experts don’t recommend taking it for long periods of time. 

CCut however only speeds up the metabolism in a safe way, that doesn’t increase heart rate excessively (or blood pressure). This is due to its formula only being made up of natural and FDA approved ingredients. 

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