Professional Corporate Videos: 5 Success Stories


Today, making professional corporate videos is essential for the image of a business. Here are 5 success stories to inspire your campaigns. With the new century everything has become faster and companies must keep up with this speed to remain competitive in the market. The world of marketing did not keep waiting and imposed new rules to get the message of companies to their consumers. Until a few decades ago articles and announcements were the best tools to make you known but today something more dynamic is needed to capture the attention of customers.

Constantly bombarded by thousands of stimuli, the users’ attention threshold has been reduced to a minimum and the only way to call it back is with something worthy of their time. Nothing is more striking than a well-structured video that communicates the identity of the best timelapse company in dubai and breaks through the memory of the viewer.

Professional Corporate Videos: 5 Success Stories

Creating an effective campaign is not easy. You run the risk of creating a memorable commercial that says nothing about the company. Or vice versa one that explains a lot and affects little. Finding the perfect balance point is what allows it to remain in the memory and arouse the interest of the beholder towards the company or the product.

Apple 1984

Historic 1984 commercial thanks to which Apple revolutionized corporate communication. Without even presenting the product, the company led by Steave Jobs has transmitted the corporate vision and the potential of the new computer. At the time, Apple set out to overthrow IBM’s dominance in the computer market by introducing its Macintosh.

To convey the message they use a very strong metaphor. Playing between the current year and Orwell’s “1984”, they compare IBM to the “Big Brother” that chains the population to his will (traditional computers) and propose Apple as a liberator from the oppressive system imposed (thanks to the new Macintosh).

Nike 2020

Nike has always created commercials capable of thrilling and inspiring its customers. Taking advantage of a large number of ambassadors at the top of their respective sports, it communicates the values ​​on which the company is founded by launching messages of great impact.

“We are never too low to return to the top”.

With this slogan, Nike shows some of the greatest sportsmen of our day verging on defeat without ever giving up, thus inviting the audience to never give up.

Nike’s undisputed role in the market does not bind them to advertise a specific product by allowing them to use videos to convey their vision, values ​​and improve the brand image.

Amazon 2020

To advertise “Alexa” the latest product from Amazon, Bezos’ company creates a campaign based on a simple question: “What did people do before Alexa?”

In an ironic key, Amazon illustrates some of the features of the new smart speaker such as managing home automation, telling a joke or playing music.

This is a prime example of a professional corporate video that has found the balance between memorability and functionality.

Durex 2015

Did you know that Durex has invented a new technology to spice up the couple’s activity in the bedroom?

In fact it didn’t, but that’s the question behind this advertisement.

Durex has chosen to make its audience responsible for the excessive use of smartphones in and out of the sheets. Choosing such a relevant topic allows everyone to see themselves in the content of the commercial and sends a strong message “turn off the phone and see who is next to you”.

Hyundai 2016

To advertise the Hyundai Genesis equipped with the “car finder” system, the Korean company has chosen to rely on the sympathy of Kevin Hart and the most classic stereotypes about fathers, the jealousy of their little ones.

By staging a jealous father chasing his daughter out with a boy, Hyundai highlighted the silhouette of the new car and the capabilities of its built-in technology.

Also in this case the balance point has been sought and found successfully.

Professional corporate videos

These five videos have highlighted the great potential of videos to tell stories and advertise your business but to be able to express that potential you need to have an experienced team behind.


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