10 Ideas to Illuminate Your Home and Save Money

Illuminate Your Home

Finding good ideas to illuminate your home is not that difficult: there are dozens of articles dedicated to this topic on the net and in newspapers. It is less obvious to put into practice the right idea to illuminate the house at sustainable costs, without ending up spending a fortune on work, maintenance and electricity bills. Our editorial team of specialized light designers, after the success of in-depth articles such as the news on tax deductions for LED lighting, has decided to share the best ideas to effectively illuminate the house with the public of the network, taking into account the aesthetics and quality of the final result, but also of the portfolio and costs in the long run. In this article of 10 ideas to illuminate your home you will find:

  • Ideas that you can put into practice on your own without masonry
  • Lamps, accessories and devices to buy online
  • Example images of the lamps in their respective contexts
  • Possibility to request a free consultation without obligation

If you think all this is right for you, you just have to start reading our guide and discover the alternatives of the moment to illuminate your home and your indoor spaces in the name of energy efficiency and design. Let’s start with the first four ideas based on the most common types of properties.

1. Ideas to Illuminate the Classic Apartment

The first possibility that we can identify is that of the classic apartment, intended as a house from 80 to 140 square meters equipped with various rooms including a kitchen, a living room, bedrooms and bathroom / s. In this case, the lighting must be designed for “watertight compartments” as the rooms will all be separated by walls. (On the contrary, for example, lofts and open spaces). This peculiarity, combined with the more or less large space, translates into the combination of light sources independent of each other, capable of enhancing the individual rooms according to the natural exposure, the furnishings and so on. The suggested categories are manifold, we highlight in particular the designer wall lamps, the pendant lampstand the innovative high brightness and efficiency LED strips.

2. Ideas for Illuminating Attics and Penthouses

Unlike a traditional apartment, attics and penthouses have narrower spaces, usually because the ceiling is low or the roof cuts the room according to an oblique line. On the other hand, the presence of skylights ensures a certain natural brightness from above. Here the ceiling or suspension lamps can be superfluous, so we will choose other types of lamps, on all the floor lamps , excellent for illuminating a room even large, minimizing the size and consumption . A model like the Dippy floor lamp for example, it is very suitable for furnishing a modern attic, thanks to its arched profile that follows the inclination of the ceiling, guaranteeing maximum stability. The recessed LED spotlights are also valid in this case: they do not take up space and bring light where it is needed.

3. Ideas for Illuminating One-Room and Two-Room Apartments

In studios and apartments, he is always the problem, the space. Here we have three main ways to follow to optimize the available volume: ceiling lamps, LED spotlights and LED strips, or a mix of both. To understand what suits us, let’s first look at the height of the ceiling and the arrangement of the windows: high ceilings and large windows must suggest lights from below, while a good compromise between the ceiling lamps and the recessed spotlights are the ceiling lights: series successful as the ceiling Oxygen testify to the appreciation of customers for these solutions, perfect for illuminating studios and apartments with a design simple, contemporary and without too many frills.

4. Ideas for Illuminating Basement Houses

In the metropolises many people live in basement houses, where a big problem is the scarce supply of natural light due to the absence of windows and skylights. It is therefore necessary to focus on high brightness solutions, with adequate light diffusion and power. The possibility of regulating the light with a dimmer can be useful more than anything else in the bedroom or in the bathroom, since in the other rooms it will be necessary, in case, an “open” lighting. In this case we opt for high-performance models such as the Stardust suspension lamp, or the 100 cm long dub light, ideal over the table, or the Branch with anti-glare polycarbonate diffuser. If this is not enough, we will reinforce everything with some wall lights or with high quality Premium LED strips.

5. Ideas for Illuminating with Wall Lamps

When one thinks of wall lamps, ambulatory or hotel corridors immediately come to mind. In reality, the design overcomes aesthetic limits and allows us to enjoy original lamps, which give color, identity and style to our homes. Think for example of the lamps, with the appearance of a greater (hence the name) or the Lama LED wall lamps, developed to create atmospheres of comfort, relaxation and intimacy. There are also models with a more formal flavor, such as the My White series which, in addition to the wall, can also be installed on the ceiling , in small (S) or medium (M) sizes. In the category of designer wall lamps you will find numerous proposals for every need and housing context.

6. Ideas for Lighting with Ceiling Lamps

Lighting the house with ceiling lamps? Nothing could be simpler: just replace the old chandeliers in use or connect the models purchased in the case of new buildings to the mains. Note the article of our blog dedicated to the 5 models of designer ceiling lamps, where we talk in detail about the latest generation LED solutions, Led Dub light, Box LED, Oxygen and Next lamps. Attention to the subtle difference between ceiling lamps and pendant lamps: both apply to the ceiling, but while the former do not detach from the surface, the latter descend hanging on a cable at more or less important distances and remain precisely “suspended” in the air with decorative and light effects of great scenography impact . If the idea appeals to you, take a look at the category of our designer pendant lamps!

7. Ideas for Lighting with Floor Lamps

The designer floor lamps are not going confused with lampshades. If we choose to illuminate the home with these lamp models we will have dozens of valid alternatives, small or large, sober or eccentric, with geometric or rounded shapes, with different finishes, colors and treatments. Among the more fortunate versions it is worth mentioning the Moon, in the two variants Floor Moon (in turn in three models) and Ex Moon (always in three models). On the same wave of length also the series Oh! Garden, designed for outdoor LED screen manufactures use but actually usable even indoors without special precautions.

8. Ideas for Lighting with Led Strips and Spotlights

LED strips and recessed spotlights may not perhaps meet the needs of a medium-large house, but if used in strategic environments such as stairs, corridors or porches , they will provide a higher quality light, dimmable (adjustable) when needed. Low costs. If we purchase models with a high IP rating, we will be able to install the strips and spotlights in the bathroom as the humidity of the shower or the bathtub will not compromise the functioning of the devices (which can happen, for example, with old neon lights). Another strong point, in particular of the LED strips, is the almost zero weight, which allows them to be mounted on thin walls such as plasterboard, but also on furniture, cornices, false ceilings and other elements without necessarily putting your hand to the drill. The catalog is extremely large for both LED spotlights and LED strips.

9. Ideas for Illuminating a Minimal Style Home

The word minimal indicates a style of furniture and interior design essential in shapes, sizes and colors. Square or rectangular structures in white or gray tones such as the Box LED wall series , or more complex but just as elementary lamps as the Tablet wall or ceiling collection . The goal is to illuminate without the lamp becoming the protagonist, in a fragile balance of volumes and dimensions where the house as a whole stands out. All the models of lamps for a minimal style for sale online in our ecommerce can be found in this section. It goes without saying that for lamps we can also include LED strips, the quintessence of minimal lighting both in terms of space and aesthetic rationality, compact, flexible and with very high efficiency.

10. Ideas for Illuminating Home with a Vintage Touch

Vintage has always been in fashion since the world began: environments without personality can be irresistible if furnished with furniture and accessories with a flavor of the past. Lighting in this sense plays a fundamental role: in the Vintage page there are some proposals with a retro look such as the Diamond suspension lamp (handmade!) Or the Montgolfier suspension lamp, also from the Linea Light Group company. Both do not require additional devices for operation, therefore just connect them to the mains voltage (Buy & Turn on formula). If in doubt, we recommend that you contact a qualified electrician, it being understood that our customer service is available by email or phone.

Other Energy-Saving Illumination Tips

How do you like the idea of lighting your home with solar lights? You can illuminate your outdoor space with solar floodlights and other solar-powered lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures provide a charming touch to your patio and landscape garden for your nighttime meditation or exercise, and you don’t have to worry about high electricity bills.

Decorative solar-powered lighting fixtures are widely available online to match your home theme. You can talk to a professional solar installer to obtain expert advice on the best solar lighting fixtures for your home. Don’t worry about the cost because solar lighting options have become more affordable than years ago, and they also save you money in the long run.

Aside from adequately illuminating your home using sustainable lighting fixtures, choosing the right electricity plan and provider pays off, providing long-term energy savings. Since electricity rates in Texas are deregulated, consumers can pick the best electricity plan for their home and save on their bills. 


So, now you have plenty of creative and bright (literally!) ideas to illuminate your home and save money. With LED bulbs and solar lights, you can reduce your energy bills and make your home well-lighted and inviting no matter what time of day. That way, you can enjoy a cozy ambiance, feel safe and secure, and welcome guests warmly.


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