Wonderful Brain Exercises to Enhance Memory for Defence Exams

Wonderful Brain Exercises to Enhance Your Memory

Everyone knows that the brain is a tiny organ of the body that plays a significant role in our entire body. Our brain is involved in every activity we do regardless of whether it is minor or major. Hence it proves that the brain needs to be in brilliant condition to ace every area of life. Are you going to appear for the forthcoming defence exams? If yes, then you need to cover the vast syllabus and retain every concept in your head. This herculean challenge is impossible without having a healthy brain.

Don’t worry! You can boost your memory by trying an assortment of brain exercises in the meantime. This article is loaded with pertinent brain exercises you can endeavor to keep your brain active and amp up your preparation. For sure, these exercises will prove wonders for aspirants preparing for upcoming defence exams.

Brain exercises are essential to improve memory and focusing potential, still, it doesn’t mean you need to spare hours for exercising your brain. To have a high intellect to perform excellently in exams, just 30 minutes a day are enough for brain exercises. Furthermore, you can also acquire opportune guidance from experts to perform brilliantly and ace the exams with flying colors. For this, you can approach the marvelous institute that caters excellent NDA coaching.

Here are some fantastic brain exercises you can incorporate in your daily routine to sharpen your mind:

1. Dance Your Heart Out

Believe it or not, dancing can actually prove to be a boon in enhancing your brain power. Sparing some time on dance can keep you mentally as well as physically active. You can dance to your favorite song at least twice a week. This way, you can keep your chin up in productive preparation. Moreover, it helps in calming your mind. When your brain is calm and relaxed, it can absorb more information and makes you able to grasp everything easily.

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So, make sure to dance your heart out in your leisure time. If you don’t know dance steps, you can watch some online dance tutorial videos and follow them. Otherwise, you can gather your friends to learn dancing by having fun. This way, you can have quality time with your peers and palliate yourself from stress.

2. Have Fun with Jigsaw Puzzle

Whether you are putting 100 pieces together to make a Taj Mahal or joining 1000 pieces to make an image of Qutub Minar, working on a jigsaw puzzle is a sure shot way to reinforce your brain. According to researchers, playing jigsaw puzzles can actually improve your cognitive abilities. When you put together various pieces in the puzzle, you need to flex your to find an appropriate piece in order to make a large picture.

This way, you can challenge your mind and revive your mind to focus better during your study hours. There is no need to spare special time for playing jigsaw puzzles, as you can play a game during your short break.

3. Brush Up Your Vocab Skills

Undoubtedly, an affluent lexicon can make you sound smart and develop your personality. So, make sure to learn at least 5 incipient words daily. You can maintain a notebook to write some unique words and revise them whenever required. Here are some sources which can help you upgrade your vocabulary:

Inculcate the habit of reading a book. Underline the new word in the book and write its meaning, synonyms and antonyms along with it.

Download an app on your smartphone for learning new vocabulary daily.

Listen to a motivational podcast in English at the beginning of the day. For sure you will come across some unique words that you can use in your routine to reflect your personality.

Whenever you learn a new word, ascertain to make at least 5 sentences from that word. This is how you can understand the meaning of the words and ways to use them. Your vocabulary plays a vital role during the interview round. This way, you can kill two birds with the same bow by sharpening your mind for effective preparation as well as enhancing your vocab skills for the interview round. Additionally, for any sort of information regarding defence exams, you can get help from the illustrious source that conducts the best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.

4. Meditate Regularly

Meditation is proven to be an excellent way to improve the functioning of your brain. Well, meditating doesn’t demand you to turn yourself into a monk. There’s no need to sit for hours with your eyes closed. Instead, you just need to spend at least 10 minutes a day to practice mindfulness. While meditating never try to focus on your thoughts. Instead, let your thoughts come naturally to your mind, just acknowledge them and return back to your meditation. You’ll notice how brilliantly you can get rid of negative thoughts with the help of regular meditation.

5. Play Mind Games

Playing mind games can really make your brain work at its highest capability. Researchers have revealed that those who play mind games usually have high intellect. So, make sure to sit with your friends during weekends and challenge your brain. This way, games allow you to socialize and utilize your time in an active way.

6. Learn a New Language

Being able to speak more than one language shows your brilliance. It can help you to switch in various tasks at a given time. Apart from English and Hindi, you need to be fluent in your native language. Additionally, you can choose any foreign language as well. For instance: You can learn French from a reliable source.

Note that learning a new language can boost your memory power and help you to focus better while preparing for the exam. Let us tell you, a focused study is requisite for constructive learning. This way, you can upgrade your chances to perform excellently in defence exams.

Additionally, you can also acquire splendid coaching from professionals to crack the exam with sure shot success. For this, you can associate with the magnificent platform prostituting excellent CDS coaching in Chandigarh.

Wrapping up

To wrap up, you need to pay utmost attention to your mental health to boost your memory. So, above mentioned are some useful ways to rest and make your mind more sound. We hope this article will prove beneficial for productive preparation.


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