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    The planet earth continues to get warmer. We see more storms and hurricanes in the world these days than ever before. Flooding and wildfires are going to be more regular due to climate change. When the weather makes you feel unsettled, buy a Standby Generators to keep calm and safe indoors. 

    In the absence of grid power, a generator helps run our tools champion work and electric appliances at home. It keeps our day running as usual and also keeps us and our family safe. During the storms and hurricanes power can go out for several days. It is necessary for all that live in areas frequented by storms to have a backup source of energy ready. This will prevent financial losses that would be otherwise caused by a power outage. If you plan to ride the storm you can use all your home appliances and the air conditioners with ease with the help of a generator. These devices come in various sizes and output capacities and it is now very easy to find a perfect fit for your needs. Most online dealers have friendly customer services that will help you select the right make and model for you. Online you can also find rebates and handsome discounts that will add to your savings.

    Many brands on the market offer customers what they need within a good price range. Consumers look for better value for their money. Some brands may be very affordable but are not very durable due to the cheap component and materials used in their construction. This is the main reason why you need to conduct a bit of research before you buy a generator for your house and your workplace. 

    The Champion brand is known to make some of the most popular portable and standby units on the market. Their remote electric start models are a favorite choice. At the construction site, there are large electric tools that can be powered by the Champion portable generators conveniently. Using these portable units is not complicated and they are also easy to maintain. 

    Champion is an innovative brand that was established in 2003. Their aftersales team is easy to reach and is very helpful. If you have not yet bought a Champion generator have a look at their various models. They have some of the quietest hybrid inverter and powerful portable models on their product line.  

    Their 3000- 4000-watt models have technological advantages over other generators of the same capacity. The Champion 4000-watt digital hybrid offered by Champion is one of the best portable Standby Generators on the market. It is an open frame generator that is not only very quiet but also very affordable. It is larger in size as compared to other inverters, but it is lighter in weight than the conventional models of the same output capacity. This model can also be paralleled with another champion to get double the wattage when need be. You can use it for RV camping, tailgating, or to run essentials at the shop or home. 

    When you are ready to choose a model for your house there are certain aspects that you need to consider. The first thing is the noise. You do not want a noisy unit as this will make you unpopular with neighbors. Your unit has to be neighborhood friendly with low decibel levels. Anything below 70dB will be fine. The standby models use technologies to keep noise levels low.

    The next thing that you need to check is how much fuel the generator consumes. You want a fuel-efficient model that is not very expensive to run.  Many models on the market have the automotive-style engines that consume less fuel when producing power for your needs.

    You will also have to choose between liquid-cooled and air-cooled models. If you want to use the unit for shorter periods the air-cooled models will be fine. To run the generator for long hours it is good to buy the liquid-cooled Standby Generators.

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    When we use devices that are motorized they also require maintenance. You will need to find a model that requires little service. The OHVI engine that uses pressure lubrication does not need maintenance for long intervals as compared to the conventional engines on the market. While the standby models require less maintenance as compared to the portable models.

    Champion standby generators are more reliable as they are technologically advanced.

    The Champion 100294 standby generator produces 14kW and runs on propane or natural gas. It has sound-dampening lining and a low-tone muffler which helps it run quietly at 63 dbA. The best thing about this model is its 10-year warranty which is the longest in its class. Buyers also get free technical support for life. This model runs your whole house and comes with an automatic transfer switch. It has a powerful starting system that works perfectly in extreme cold weather conditions without a warming kit. This Champion generator is powered by a 754cc OHV engine and you can use it in all 50 states. 


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