Why Does My Warzone Keeps Crashing on PS4 and Xbox One [Solved]

Why Does My Warzone Keeps Crashing on PS4 and Xbox One [Solved]

Online gaming has become a new mode of entertainment where everybody can play for fun and enthusiasm. Out of the online gaming, combating genre is the most popular in the audience. The reason is that, combating online games have missions, fighting and extremely high reward at last. People play the combat game full of energy but if it fails or crashes continuously in the middle of playing which causes irritation in the people. That is why we call it a warzone keep crashing.

What is a Warzone?

Warzone is a massive combat arena of online combat games in which all players can play without any cost. It offers an exclusive battleground that is running smoothly on all the platforms.


Why does Warzone keeps crashing on Xbox One and PS4?

We are mentioning some of the reasons that justify why Warzone keeps crashing on PS4 and Warzone keeps crashing on Xbox one.

Temporary Warzone Bugs: Temporary bugs are not long format bugs that will finish after some time but they will crash your combat game while playing on both Xbox One and PS4.

1. PS4 Softwares Updating Issue

The Warzone game fails to give outstanding performance due to the losses of the sync between the PS4 or Xbox console with the system. This will be the reason why Warzone keeps crashing on Xbox One and PS4. Otherwise, check out other below points.

2 Out of Order of Disc

In order of disc, we have discussed some sections like dirty or damaged disc and cracked disc. When your game discs have dirt, fingerprints and anything on the surface of them then the optical reader is unable to read the data which are present in the disc. That is why your warzone crashes in the middle of playing on the Xbox One or PS4.

3 Overheating Issue of PS4 Console

Overheating is one of the major issues in which parts and components of the PS4 console become heated while in the summer season. To protect the internal components of the console, the PS4 or Xbox setup reaches the shutdown state by the automatic detector.

4 Incomplete Game Data

For running the Warzone games smoothly, we need complete data on the disc. If game data is incomplete that means that it is corrupted and incomplete. It results in lagging of the game while playing the game on the Xbox One and PS4.

5 Overloading of the System Cache

When we play the Warzone games it saves our gaming history in the system. This history may be corrupted and overloaded that interferes while playing the game. Owing to this, the game does not perform as well as we thought earlier.  This will remain in the system for a short period of time and it is called the virtual ram of the game while playing on the Xbox One or PS4.

6. Excess of the Game System Directory

Owing to frequent playing of the Warzone games our earlier playing data are saved automatically in our system disc. Gradually this data becomes a huge waste in the system. After becoming a large amount, they give obstacles for smooth playing of the Warzone games on Xbox One and PS4 Consoles.

How to fix the issues that cause Warzone to keep crashing or freezing on Xbox and PS4?

1. Rebooting the System

  • For Xbox One
    You should go to the options menu of the game. Where you click on the quit button and close the game. Then you start the game again. This will solve the issue of Warzone keeps crashing on Xbox One.
  • For PS4
    You first reboot the controller first if it does not work switch off the power button that is present aside from the restart button. If that does not respond, eject the outlet plug of the power supply.

2. Install the Updates of the Firmware

Update problems may be the reason for lagging the game and how to update in a different medium.

In Xbox One:
  • To check for software updates, you click on the home button on the controller.
  • You select settings and then you click on a system where you click updates and download options.
In PS4:
  • You should press the home button and then scroll up. Thereafter, click on the setting option. 
  • You select the option of a software update. These are the steps to prevent Warzone from crashing the PS4.

3. Clear all the Things on the Game Disc

This process is the same for Xbox One and PS4. What things do you do to sort out the issue of the game disc?

  • You should check the crack on the game and replace it at the time of buying.
  • You must clean the disc first before inserting it inside the optical reader.
  • You should make a digital copy of the game disc while using it the first time so that you do not require the disc next time.

These steps to stop the Warzone keeps crashing PS4 and Xbox One at the time of playing.

4. Prevent the Overheating of the Gaming System

What should you do to resolve the issue of overheating on Xbox One and PS4?

  • You should put your gaming console where proper ventilation exists.
  • You close the game after continuously using five hours so that it becomes cool.
  • You should connect the gaming console with an exhaust fan so that it takes out the excessive heat of the console.

When you try these steps; you can stop the War Zone from crashing on PS4 and Xbox One frequently.

5. Regular Refreshing of the System Cache

A corrupted cache can be the reason for the game lagging. For this, you refresh repeatedly.

The steps are the same for clearing the issue of Warzone keeps crashing on the Xbox One and PS4. You should do these steps

  • Turn off the Xbox One or PS4 console and you make sure that the indicator light should not be blinking. 
  • When the power brick is off, you should unplug the power cord from the back of the console.
  • You wait for 30 seconds after the power is off.
  • You should plug the power brick back into the Xbox One or PS4and then turn it on.

6. Eliminating the Game Data Directory

How can you eliminate the game data directory? Let’s see these steps.

  • You go for Xbox One or PS4 Home and click on settings.
  • You just select storage and click on manage storage.
  • Thereafter, you click on view contents and head on to the game option.
  • Then you press the menu button and select manage game.
  • You click on the saved data then click on the saved data of a particular game.
  • You can use the menu option to delete the specific game files.

7. Contact the Gaming Professionals

If the above steps have not worked; you can contact the gaming professional to sort out the issue of Warzone keeps crashing on Xbox One and PS4.


To sum it up, we can say that Warzone Keeps crashing on Xbox One and PS4 is a typical problem. To resolve this issue, you need relevant knowledge like what are the problems and how to fix them. You can take this information in the above paragraph that guides you comprehensive guidance. The above steps help you to sort out the Warzone keeps crashing issue within time and without any cost.

Warzone Keeps Crashing FAQs

Ques 1) If the above steps do not resolve our problem then which professionals do we contact?

  • You should contact the manufacturer of the Xbox One console that is Flex gaming professionals.
  • You can contact the PS4 manufacturers that are professionals of Sony Electronics, Foxconn.

Ques 2) Is a graphic problem the reason why Warzone keeps crashing on Xbox One and PS4?

Yes, you should require these graphic specifications and hardware.

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / GeForce GTX 1650 or Radeon HD 7950
  • DirectX: Requires DirectX 12 compatible system.

Ques 3) Does the Xbox One console and PS4 console have the same requirement to run?

They run on almost similar specifications but some are different in them like PS4 requires high graphic card and memory. 

Ques 4) Is Warzone free to Play for anyone?

Yes, you can play free of cost but you require a game console for playing.

Ques 5) If we have a complete gaming console of Xbox One or PS4 then Warzone keeps crashing?

Yes, it occurs because these are technical issues in the game consoles. These issues can resolve but not be eliminated completely.


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