5 Reasons To Consider Cylinder Packaging For Your Products

5 Reasons To Consider Cylinder Packaging For Your Products
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Big brands and companies are opting for cylinder packaging. It’s prevalent in almost every commercial and non-commercial sector. But what’s the thrill about?

What’s unique about the packaging that it’s getting the attention of big companies? Why should you consider this style? What does it mean, and how can you buy packaging supplies that meet this form of packaging? This post answers each of these questions. It looks into cylinder packaging closely and provides reasons you need it for your products. Continue reading.

What Is Cylinder Or Tube Packaging?

As the name implies, cylinder packaging stores viscous fluids like toothpaste in cylindrical-shaped containers. These containers can be in any form as long as it’s cylindrical. However, the most common form of cylinder packaging is the tube.

Tube packaging came into play in 1841 when John Goffe Rand (American portrait painter) invented the squeezable metal tube for storing his paints. This storage method helped in preventing the paints from drying up.

5 Reasons To Consider Cylinder Packaging For Your Products

Today, John’s invention has evolved. Materials like plastic and paper are used in producing tube packages, and it’s even used in storing pharmaceutical products, food, cosmetic products, apparel, general items like umbrellas, and more.

Cylinder packaging is so common now that supplies can be bought in any online packaging store.

Why Should You Consider Cylinder Packaging?

The prevalence of cylinder packaging isn’t without reason. Some brands consider the style due to its cost-effectiveness while others use it to evaluate environmental sustainability. Other causes and benefits of this packaging style include:

  1. Ease Of Use

Consumer convenience is a crucial factor in making every business decision, including packaging, and cylinder packaging gives you the edge you need to stand out. By simply pushing caps up and squeezing or pressing, consumers can access the content of a cylinder packaging.

Another form of product convenience that it avails consumers comes in storage. Because cylinder packaging is flexible, consumers can keep it wherever they want, and in case of a slip, the product won’t be damaged.

  1. Product Safety

When you purchase a non-tube extract lip balm, you’ll know what product safety means. To use it, you have to take the balm out and apply it on your dried lips. Three to four weeks after using the balm, you’ll notice some coloration, particles, or even hair strands due to dirt through your fingers during use.

But when you opt for a tube-packed balm, it’s a different ballgame. Due to its nature, hygiene and safety are restored to your cream. Therefore, you can see how beneficial cylinder packaging can be. If your products get contaminated during use, consumers may dispose of them and get another product from a different brand.

  1. Needed Sizes And Shapes

In cases where you want to send a sample of your product for market test or others where you’re running a campaign that includes a bonus, cylinder packaging can be to your advantage. This type of packaging offers you the choice for different sizes and shapes of products. You can use a 3ml-sized package in any form to suit your needs.

Moreover, you can get different kinds of nozzles depending on the nature of your product. For instance, adhesives come with a needle-like nozzle to enable consumers to apply the product directly where it’s needed with ease.

  1. Product Shelf Life

You may have had experiences where your can drinks burst in the refrigerator and maybe other experiences like powdered tea and milk becoming solid. All these experiences are, to an extent, the effect of improper packaging, and they affect the shelf life of your product. However, with cylinder packaging, you can trust that your products will stay as long as they should be on the shelf.

  1. Ease And Cost Of Transportation

Considering that cylinder packaging is lightweight, it reduces the cost of transportation. This is because the shipping cost is dependent on the weight of the shipment being made. So, the lower the weight, the lower the cost of shipping.

On the other hand, quality cylinder packaging will rarely suffer damage. It won’t break and squeeze easily, and you can play this to your advantage. You can pack as much as you need for a shipment. And since it’s lightweight, shipment costs would still be low.


Cylinder or tube packaging is becoming popular among modern-day brands. But what reasons compelled these brands to opt for it, and why should you consider the option? These are the question answered in this post. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you use this packaging in your products.


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