What’s New to YouTube in 2022


Growth is an essential part of every business. Small and large companies are looking for opportunities to market their business and remain ahead of the game. Various promotional strategies are employed to grow.

The digital age has dominated every sector, from entertainment and news to education and marketing. The launch of YouTube in 2005 and its development to become a platform for promotion was not expected. It is a heaven for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and YouTube subscribers worldwide.

YouTube is an integral element of the millions of actual YouTube subscribers. Creators who create new video content and help the channel have become a major element of the channel. The content produced by them boosted YouTube views. YouTube views and consequently, the number of users of this platform grew every year. To help the users, especially those creators, YouTube introduced several options. Nowadays, creators also buy YouTube comments, likes, and views from genuine users for growth purposes. Here are a few recent features released by YouTube to users and creators!

For the Creators

Four new features YouTube recently introduced have been made available to video creators. The features were first revealed in the most recent edition of YouTube’s ‘Creator Insider’ and were designed to improve videos and enable creators to control their channels. If you’re a creator, Here’s how you can utilize these new features to your advantage.

What time your target audience is online?

One of the new capabilities of YouTube was announced in April of 2020 in the form of a preview only, and then it was made available across all YouTube channels. In this new feature, creators have access to information to determine what time their audience is active. It identifies the hours of the week people are most active on the channel. The feature allows creators to identify the most appropriate time to broadcast live streams to increase YouTube views. Channels and creators that utilize this feature can select and plan the best moment to upload their content according to the time of day that viewers are online. Although the feature may appear to be the most effective way to attract more viewers, YouTube has announced no evidence to suggest that it’s a viable strategy.

Review any inappropriate comments

Comments are an integral element of YouTube. It lets creators realize that their fans have an opinion. Everyone has the same view on content. While some viewers expressed favorable views about video content, some shared objectionable content that would undermine the integrity of YouTube. As soon as the feature ‘Hold Inappropriate comments for Review’ was launched, YouTube flagged comments experienced an increase of 75. The comments were sent for review, and the flagging of inappropriate content was an option prior.

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This new option makes the holding of inappropriate content for review a default option on YouTube to assist creators in managing comments and enhance the quality of their conversations. If the setting is changed to the default setting, creators will receive a notification in YouTube Studio that informs them YouTube Studio that their settings have changed. This feature is available across all platforms. YouTube plans to launch 13 additional languages to increase its ability to identify indecent comments.

Create community posts

YouTube is an internet platform that has been improving its users’ services for many years. Every new feature launched by them is the creation of the experts who work at their headquarters. YouTube values its users and welcomes valuable feedback, a crucial aspect of its growth. One of these features is the ability to plan community posts accessible via your desktop’s main application. This feature allows you, as the creator, to write the community post to set a publication date. The majority requested this feature from creators.

Video chapters

One of the chapters to be made available across all platforms is the feature of video chapters that allows creators to split the video into chapters. Breaking down the video into various chapters will enable the creator to increase and enhance the user experience. As a creator, if you wish to utilize this feature, make sure you add a timestamp in the description of your video. Make sure that the beginning begins by indicating “0:00”. It is important to note that your video must contain a minimum of three chapters. And each chapter should be no under 10 minutes. You can also opt-out of this feature too. All you need to do is include any other than “0:00” as the first timestamp in the description of your video.

For Users

It’s not just video creators who support the development of YouTube. Without the users, this platform wouldn’t have seen the rapid growth it has experienced over time. YouTube subscribers demonstrate their support too, and, as a result, some of the features below were added to enhance the user experience.

Video chapters

The feature of video chapters does more than help creators enhance the quality of content they create; it also improves the watching experience. It makes it easy for viewers to jump to a specific part of the video or watch an area they would like to return to watch, and much more. The feature is now available to everyone who is a YouTube subscriber and comes with a list of chapters that can be found by clicking on the chapter’s title within the player. By clicking on it, you will be able to view a complete list of the chapters contained in the clip and an image that allows the user to navigate the chapter quickly. This feature is not just a way to save time by allowing the viewer to jump directly to the section that viewers want to see, but it also tremendously enhances the viewer’s viewing experience.

Streamline player

YouTube has seen a variety of modifications over time. Every modification is in the best interest of its users. One example is the change for the caption buttons on the player’s top. It is worth noting that the Caption Button (CC) has been moved recently to the uppermost part of the player (Mobile). The move was made to make it easier and easy for users to turn it on and off. Alongside being positioned next to the Caption Button, the AutoPlay button was relocated in the same way. It’s now located beside that the Caption Button. The change in the position of these buttons was designed to make it easy to identify the controls rather than moving through the player when the video is playing.

Gesture controls

To improve user experience, YouTube introduced gesture control in their applications. It lets viewers quit the full screen by swiping down or up. If you swipe up, it plays the film in a landscape while swiping down, and it plays the video in portrait-mode. Press timestamps will allow users to toggle between different versions of the video.

Suggestions for actions

Many aspects of YouTube are not yet known to the majority of users. Being up-to-date on all the application features isn’t easy for the majority of users. To assist customers, YouTube has also launched ‘Suggested actions A feature that enhances the experience of watching videos. The suggested actions will prompt users to view the video in VR or turn the phone for a more enjoyable experience. For example, if the video you’re watching is best enjoyed in the landscape view, you will get an action that says, “Rotate. These suggestions can be removed with a single click which appears alongside the suggestion. There are only some suggested actions that aid viewers, but YouTube plans to include additional suggestions.

Reminders for bedtime

It’s easy to become lost in the sea of video content, and it can be difficult to get out of. As a person who watches, it is possible to be awestruck by all the videos that you like and then continue to enjoy them, not realizing that you’ve been watching them for a long time. You can avoid being stuck within YouTube by using the YouTube Bedtime Reminders feature. This feature lets you set reminders to require you to quit watching videos. These reminders can be scheduled at any most appropriate time for you. It is also possible to trigger your device to notify you to consider having time out.

YouTube continuously changes its features and introduces new features to improve the experience for creators and users. True YouTube subscribers can take advantage of all new features. The latest features are intended to help both creators and YouTube subscribers. This will enable the creators to give a more enjoyable experience for viewers and improve the creator and YouTube itself.


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