Best Virtual Desktop Solution for Individual or Business

Best Virtual Desktop Solution for Individual or Business

The current workplace revolution has significantly digitalized virtual desktop applications over the last few years. With more people working from home, many corporates saw the need for outsourced technical support, and virtual desktops came in handy. Virtual desktops are flexible and secure.

You can access a virtual desktop with a windows operating system from an android device, an iPad, or a laptop. The environment gives the user express access to a workspace or personalized desktop experience. So, you can work from a hotel, office, home, or anywhere else with full access to your applications and data.

When using the virtual desktop, your operating systems apps and data are separated from local hardware and run separately on a remote server. Companies have tried creating internal desktop virtualization, but it has proven complicated and very expensive. Let’s look at the best virtual desktop providers options you could consider for your individual or business use.

1. Amazon Workspaces

Amazon workspaces (AWS) is arguably an industry leader in desk, offering great price options and features for small businesses. It uses the PCoIP protocol for compression and data transfers encryption. Clients can provision Windows virtual machines and Linux, while AWS runs on macOS, Windows, iPad, Chromebook, android tablets, and amazon. Both operating systems come with internet explorer as a default software. Consequently, Microsoft office and any other software may be critical but at an additional monthly fee.

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Flexible pricing is the key selling point for amazon workspaces. The payment options depend on the number of CPUs, disk size, and whether you bring your licenses and memory. You only pay for what you use, and there are no monthly or commitment fees.

2. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Key selling propositions:

  • Offers remote access to actual physical machines
  • Great BYOD support
  • Has great centralized management
  • Encrypted data that is never stored on a physical device

Users of Citrix virtual apps and desktops can connect from windows, android, chrome OS, macOS, and iPadOS/iOS. They can also switch from one device to the other while maintaining the workflow. Employees can connect to the service using a phone, tablet, or computer. One of the reasons Citrix virtual apps and desktops are not very popular when looking for outsourced technical support is the limitation of a minimum of 25 users. An individual or a firm with few people cannot use it. Another challenge is that it does not support auto-scaling.

3. Azure Virtual Desktop

The key selling points for azure virtual desktop include:

  • It has no minimum machines or users
  • It has excellent data safety and backup
  • It supports android, apple, and Windows devices

Azure virtual desktop has very flexible pricing options and packages. They are determined by the operating system, region, usage in hours, memory, and virtual machines. Azure gives amazing discounts when you pay one or three-year subscriptions. The virtual desktop website comes with a special comprehensive calculator to determine your costs based on your product usage. Azure is one of the best providers, especially when considering data security. It provides good backup and recovery features.

The downside of Azure virtual desktop is mainly being cloud-based and having no on-site option. It also supports windows only and has no provision for Linux.

4. VMWare Horizon Cloud

Key propositions:

  • It supports all major browsers and devices
  • It is available on-site, Microsoft Azure and IBM cloud
  • You can easily scale complex custom machines with it

Horizon has amazing features for maintaining uptime and scalability. Customers can use instant clones to deploy customized virtual machines from a parent machine. The resultant clone machine is fully independent and can be customized further for easy scalability. Clones can share virtual disks, thus consuming less storage space and finally helping you to save money.

What to Look for While Outsourced Technical Support 

When looking for a virtual desktop solution, it is important to carefully consider what each provider is offering. How they approach pricing and whether they have a minimum number of users’ requirements. Finally, check scalability and data security because they are essential when seeking outsourced technical support.


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