Nickelodeon Cruise Origin, Offers, Images and More

nickelodeon cruise

To spend quality time with your loved ones, there is no better option than a nickelodeon cruise. Different cruises offer a variety of packages for adults, but some of the companies offer family tours including cartoons and shows for children.

Children are influenced by cartoons and there is no doubt that nickelodeon is their favorite channel. When they see their favorite cartoon characters on family vacation, they are on cloud nine. Keeping it in view, a nickelodeon cruise was established.

Nickelodeon cruise was themed on animation characters and has been operating for years making it a perfect cruising option for parents to spend wonderful time with their kids. However, you may not find nickelodeon cruise booking options now. You might be thinking why it is so? Therefore in this article, we will give you a complete guide about the nickelodeon cruise, its history, when they shut down and what was the reason behind it.

What is a nickelodeon cruise?

Nickelodeon cruise was the special cruise that was themed on the basis of nickelodeon’s famous cartoon characters such as spongebob squarepants, dora the explorer and wipe sway. It was an amazing vacation option for families.

Nickelodeon is a spot where you and your kids can meet and greet with your cherished characters and play fun nickelodeon style games. Undoubtedly, it will be a great hit with your young ones.

Origin of Nickelodeon Cruise

The first time Nickelodeon cruise came into existence was in 2008 and was launched by the notable name Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. In Miami, during his seven day summer vacation, it carried around 4000 passengers for the whole family.

In 2010, Nickelodeon exhibited an exclusive partnership with the Norwegian Epic and Norwegian Cruise Line, which is the one that operates the Norwegian Gem. The fundamental objective of the tour was to entirely focus on kids and organize interactive nickelodeon style gatherings and pool parties. In these shows, nickelodeon characters used to greet the kids.

Nickelodeon cruises was well known for conveying pajama breakfast to start the day with your cherished cartoon personality. Apart from this, other remarkable activities include Nick Live! Kids will love this play, including poolside pleasure, the show, and nickelodeon’s specific slime.

Why do Nickelodeon cruise ships no longer exist?

You may be wondering about even after countless long periods of successful business and entertaining families, why nickelodeon cruise ships halted. You may also be interested to know ‘does the nickelodeon cruise still exist’. As currently mentioned, Nickelodeon began a partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line to handle these cruises. During 2015, the corporation reached a conclusion and resulted in the closure of this astounding venturesome holiday trip.

What was offered by nick cruises?

A lot of worth trying nick cruises were there for your kids, if they love nickelodeon cable and desire to travel with their favorite cartoon character. In 2010, Nickelodeon began a new partnership with Norwegian cruise lines which involved  an assortment of cruises especially for children.

The prime focus of these cruises was serving the younger clients and plans to offer nickelodeon at sea services. These services accompanied by the following family friendly extravagences:

  • Poolside shows
  • Meet and greet with favorite characters
  • Character morning meals
  • Immersive games
  • Show premieres
  • Nickelodeon themed dance parties
  • Nick Live! Poolside amusement
  • Character narrative hours

All these features make it exceptionally lovable for children to set out on these cruises. The uniqueness of these activities caught up the attention of kids.

How much amount does a nickelodeon cruise cost?

Same as southern caribbean, a few components influence the cost to book a cruise. To know the actual cost to board a nickelodeon cruise, the duration of your stay, the package you choose and the season you pick has a crucial impact.

However on average, the nick cruise may cost you approximately $50 per individual, per day. These prices can be lower or expensive according to the season you want to book your cruise.

What is an alternative to nickelodeon cruise?

You may be wondering what is the suitable option for you now, as nickelodeon cruises are hard to find because the end of partnership resulted in the closure of this amazing cruise. Another thought might be oscillating in your mind ‘is it possible to attend nick based theme parties?’ So, the answer to this question is, yes it is possible. A lot of nickelodeon resorts and hotels exist and offer parties based on nickelodeon themes. Therefore, you can surely enjoy all the moments in resorts and hotels. The best alternative to this is, nickelodeon disney cruise. Let’s discuss some views on this alternative way of entertainment:

Nickelodeon Disney Cruise

Basically, it is not a nickelodeon cruise, but it is the most cherished one when it comes to the best cruise options for younger ones and based on nickelodeon theme. Disney Alaska Cruise offers the best facilities, conveniences, food and programs for families and small children and is one of the few companies in the industry. Some of the services endeavored by this amazing cruise are:

  • Children club
  • Nursery for small babies
  • A pool especially designed for families
  • A disney theater premiering shows and movies
  • MIckey’s pool especially crafted for kids
  • A studio sea presenting innovative activities for both kids and parents
  • Character morning meals
  • Parades
  • Dance parties
  • Group games
  • Story narration
  • Scrounger hunts

Customer Reviews on Nickelodeon Cruise

Nickelodeon cruise got all the positive reviews and everyone appreciated this special cruise which makes them able to spend a great time and create memorable moments with their families. Meeting favorite TV show personalities in actual life on a holiday trip was a jubilant moment for kids. NCL launched nick cruises in a water play area with slides and jets, which upgraded customers’ excitement by giving three multi level water slides and epic diving.

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People also praised the staff because of their friendly nature, incredible food and beautiful islands.


Indeed, a nickelodeon cruise is an amazing holiday tour for families and especially kids. In this article, we have told you everything about this cruise, from its establishment to its end, the reason behind its closure and even its alternative. It is all that you need to know about the nickelodeon cruise.


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