Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft: A Complete Guide


In this gaming epoch, youngsters are addicted towards games. Minecraft is one game that attracts plenty of people. Minecraft is such a video game in which players create and break various types of blocks in a three dimensional world. It has been perceived that the majority of players use the curse of vanishing in Minecraft.

Now some of you (who have never played minecraft before) may have a question in your mind “What is the curse of vanishing?”. We are going to explain everything that you need to know about the curse of vanishing. Let’s move further and talk over each aspect of the curse of vanishing. Just relax and soak up the information we are going to discuss with you.

What is the Curse of Vanishing?

The curse of vanishing in Minecraft is an powerful enchantment. It will cause particular item to disappears on the death of game player. This enchantment can be applied on tools, weapons and armor. It will results in their breakage after the player dies.

The curse of vanishing is such an enchantment that can change the gameplay in a challenging or a pessimistic way. This curse imposes negative effects on players as well. Indeed those effects are troublesome and are not easily reversible.

This curse can be applied on any item which has encountered at least one enchantment. Once the item is cursed, it cannot be brought back after the player loses the game or dies in a game. It will be completely deleted from the game. The minimum and maximum level for the curse of vanishing is level 1.

What Does Curse of Vanishing Do in Minecraft?

The curse of vanishing enchantment has a larger pool to place items on it. Curse of vanishing can be placed on weapons, shields and tools. The item in your inventory which has a curse of vanishing on it will be removed from the game if you happen to die.

The items drop in game when a player die. But, it will not drop item from the player on death. Instead, it will vanish entirely from the game.

Therefore, this can be daunting when your diamond tools happen to vanish after a miserable encounter. The curse of vanishing has no real advantage for the players. Instead it exists to aid players in adventure maps to form an item impossible to reserve.

How to get the curse of vanishing?

There are three ways to obtain the curse of vanishing:

  • Chest loot
  • Fishing
  • Trading with librarian villagers

In the java edition, players can get the curse of vanishing by using any of the three ways. However, in bedrock edition, the curse can be obtained only from trading with librarian villagers.

How to use the curse of vanishing?

How to remove curse of vanishing in Minecraft?

There is a big debate over this topic “How to remove the curse of vanishing?”. Is it even possible to remove the curse using any method?

The answer to this question is NO.

People often believe that Curse of Vanishing can be removed using grindstone and crafting table. But, it is not true. Items once enchanted with curse can not be recovered after a player dies.

However, there is an exception for mob head and pumpkins. Breaking the head or placing it will remove the curse. But, it will work as normal if item is dropped by a Zombie or skeleton armor player.

Misconceptions About Vanishing Curse Removal

Many players think that they can remove the curse of vanishing with help of crafting table or Grindstone. But, this is not completely true.

1st Misconception

You will have to merge the same item after crafting it, with the help of crafting table, using the same recipe.

But, this method is used to repair the damaged or old items. One can not remove the curse using crafting table.

2nd Misconception

There is one more misconception that grindstone can be used to remove the curse of vanishing from a item.

But, it can only be used to remove other types of enhancements from an item or weapon.

List of Items That Can Be Cursed in Minecraft

The curse of vanishing permits you to curse almost all items in the game. Here is the list of items that can be cursed in Minecraft game:

  • Swords
  • Tridents
  • Bows
  • Pickaxes
  • Fishing rods
  • Shears
  • Crossbows
  • Shovels
  • Axes
  • Hoes
  • Carrot on a stick
  • Chest Plates
  • Leggings
  • Boots
  • Elytra
  • Helmets
  • Shields

The item that is cursed will vanish from Minecraft game if the player dies. You might also be interested in how to avoid Warzone from keep crashing.

Lesser Known Facts About Curse of Vanishing

Curse of vanishing could be a catastrophic thing in Minecraft. So let’s talk over some facts you need to know about the curse of vanishing:

  • You can precedently remove the curse of vanishing by merging items at an anvil.
  • You can get engraved pumpkins with the curse of vanishing.
  • A grindstone cannot remove the curse of vanishing.
  • The curse of vanishing is one of the two pessimistic curses in Minecraft(the other is curse of binding).
  • The “keep inventory” game rule abolishes the curse of vanishing.
  • You can acquire the curse of vanishing items/objects from the specified places.
  • The effects of the curse of vanishing are destructive.
  • The curse of vanishing was added in the exploration update by developers.
  • If you manually drop the curse of vanishing items before you die, the items will not disappear.
  • The effect of curse of vanishing is worthless in hardcore mode.
  • Mobs can carry items/objects with the curse of vanishing.
  • You can hoard a curse of vanishing items inside the chest.

Supported Platforms for the Curse of Vanishing

So, here is the information related to the platforms that support the curse of vanishing along with their version. The following different platforms are:

S.No. Platform Supported Version
1 Java edition(pc/mac) 1.11
2 Pocket edition(PE) 1.16.0
3 Xbox 360 TU54
4 Xbox one 1.16.0
5 PS3 1.51
6 PS4 1.16.0
7 Wii U Patch 24
8 Nintendo Switch 1.16.0
9 Windows 10 edition 1.16.0
10 Education Edition 1.17.30

Note: Now the pocket edition(PE), Xbox one, PS4, Nintendo switch and windows 10 edition comes under the category of Bedrock edition.

Types of Curse in Minecraft

There are nine different types of curses in minecraft. The names of minecraft curses are listed as:

1. Curse of Binding

Curse of binding is a subtle enhancement which is used on armor to prevent it from its removal.

2. Curse of Vanishing

Curse of vanishing is a strange enchantment applied on tools, weapons and armor, which induce them to vanish when the player dies.

3. Curse of Sickening

When the player holds or wears this item, then it will make him lose his saturation and hunger points faster than normal.

4. Bad Omen

It is a status effect which prompts a raid when the player enters a village.

5. Curse of Weakening

This item will do less damage and will take 2 durability per use.

6. Curse of Clumsiness

When a player holds it in his hands, and the item randomly drops out of his hands then he will have to pick it up again.

7. Curse of Confusion

The item switches places with another item in the player’s inventory. The item in the inventory will look like a real item but it cannot be used.

8. Miner’s Misfortune

Miner’s misfortune can only be applied to pickaxes. When a pickaxe is used, it has 15% chance to not drop what the player mind.

9. Curse of Slowness

When the item is in the player’s inventory, the player is given slowness and mining fatigue.

This is all about the curse of vanishing. Its uses, unfamiliar facts, curse types, how to get/get rid and platforms that support it. Hope you guys get to know some useful information through this article. Stay tuned for more fruitful information and latest updates.


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