ideas for restaurant’s kitchen: Reputable granite countertop suppliers

ideas for restaurant’s kitchen: Reputable granite countertop suppliers
ideas for restaurant’s kitchen: Reputable granite countertop suppliers

Granite is highly valued for its core qualities. It is resistant to scratches, strong and durable, and can be almost maintenance-free. Granite countertops best choice for renovating or building a restaurant’s kitchen.

Be aware of the different styles and colors that granite countertops come in before you start designing. You may feel overwhelmed by the choices, but with the right guidance from an interior design professional, it won’t be difficult. Let us now look at some stunningly designed restaurants that have been provided by granite countertops suppliers. Granite can be used behind a range to achieve beautiful, but hardworking, coverage here’s the deal!

Granite countertops are attractive and can be chosen in a wide range of colors. So, granite countertops are an excellent choice.

  1.   White granite countertop
  2.   Black granite countertop design
  3.   Granite countertops in an ultra-modern kitchen
  4.   Granite countertops with high gloss
  5.   Stunning red kitchen countertop
  6.   Granite countertops & backsplashes
  7.   Mix of brown and white
  8.   Luxe white appearance
  9.   Merry gold granite


1.   White granite countertop:

Are you looking for a way to modernize your kitchen while still maintaining its timeless appeal? White granite countertops may be your best option. So, granite countertops not only brighten your kitchen but also add elegance and durability. 

However, its aesthetically pleasing features include white cabinets and silver appliances. It is certain to warm your guest’s hearts once they have seen it.

2.   Black granite countertop design:

The popularity of black granite countertops is booming in modern restaurant’s. Black granite countertops look stunning in any kitchen. Below is an example of a kitchen. So, the black granite countertop looks so beautiful! 

This kitchen has maple cabinets and drawers paired with cream white flooring. However, it is warm and luxurious. So, you can make your kitchen unique with its natural colors and textures

3.   Granite countertops in an ultra-modern kitchen:

Few rooms in the home are as busy as the kitchen, and this is a good thing. Recent trends demand more modern, luxurious restaurant’s kitchens. So, a luxury kitchen is made with natural stone, beautiful backsplashes, elegant cabinetry, and stunning flooring. 

An ultra-modern kitchen that features a granite countertop in grey with black veins. Pendant lights complement the large, bar-shaped island. However, crisp white shaker cabinets and stainless steel appliances pair well with brick-style wall backsplashes to create a luxurious look.

4.   Granite countertops with high gloss:

If you want a modern and sleek look, the pearl black countertop maybe for you. This is the finest black granite available. However, there are very few or no traces of other colors. So, this kitchen design is simple and black, and it looks stunning. 

The glossy white cabinets, absolute dark countertops, and grey walls make the kitchen look slick. This black and light kitchen is exactly what you’ve been looking for. This beautiful kitchen feels light and airy thanks to its marriage of black with white.

5.   Stunning red kitchen countertop:

The majority of homeowners want warm tones for their kitchens. The most common choices are grey, black, and beige. However, granite can come in bolder shades such as red, blue, and green. So, a countertop in red will add luxury to your kitchen. 

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However, this restaurant’s kitchen is rustic and cozy with its deep oak brown cabinets, vintage pendant light, and black steel appliances. Granite countertop suppliers’ appeal is enhanced by the red granite countertop.

6.   Granite countertops & backsplashes:

Granite is a strong, durable, low maintenance material and easy-to-clean stone that can be used as a backsplash. So, a granite countertop can be used partially or covered to give the room a seamless look. However, the granite countertop is beautiful and can be combined with cabinetry to make the kitchen look like a magazine spread.

7.   Mix of brown and white:

Paint the cabinet walls on your wall white. However, paint the counter cabinet walls white. Dark brown is now the color you should use for your granite countertop. So, use a variety of designer stools with a dark brown hue. It will match perfectly the color scheme of this thoughtfully designed design if it has brownish flooring.

8.   Luxe white appearance:

This granite, commonly known as aspen white granite, is widely used to make countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. The slab is shiny white and flecked with black. So, it is often with quartz deposits that give it a shining luster. However, it is very durable and looks beautiful.

9.   Merry gold granite:

It’s tough and can be perfect. So, this material is used as a countertop in kitchens and bathrooms. Its rich, brown appearance makes it easily recognizable.


Granite is a very popular countertop material in restaurant’s kitchens. Granite comes in many shades and textures given from granite countertop suppliers. The material’s durability and hardness are advantages. It’s economical and easy to put in. However, the natural stone is a great addition to interior decor. Above mentioned, the guide helps you in choosing the best granite kitchen countertop design.



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