What color rugs do you find in an online area rug store?

What color rugs do you find in an online area rug store?
What color rugs do you find in an online area rug store?

Choosing the best rug color can be tricky with all the choices you have. The best color is the one that matches the overall tone of your room. First of all, you have to assess other factors like furniture, walls, and flooring. Then you get to decide the rug color from any area rug store. Moreover, you have several choices in area rug colors and designs.

In general, you will find multicolor area rugs in almost every store. But these days, people are drawn to neutral shades like beige, grey, gold, and cream. However, one does not have to follow any trends for buying area rugs. In the same way, it all comes down to your home décor and your personal taste. 

Moving on, you will find many warmer shades and multicolored rugs for your living space. So, here are the best colors to find in a rug shop:

  1. Beige rugs
  2. Grey rugs 
  3. White rugs
  4. Brown rugs
  5. Red rugs 
  6. Yellow rugs
  7. Orange rugs
  8. Blue rugs
  9. Green rugs
  10. Multicolored rugs in the rug store
  • Beige rugs:

Well, neutral colors have been in trend since 2020. Not only rugs, but you will find lighter sofas and couches as well. In this case, beige rugs are perfect to pair with a cream color sofa. This color complements every other tone with sheer elegance. So, beige is a cozy color that gives warmth and a softer accent to your living area. A beige wool area rug would be a perfect choice for any home.

  • Grey rugs:

You are less likely to find area rugs that do not have grey rugs. Well, grey is everywhere, whether cabinets, furniture, or clothes. So, if you want to add warmth and natural texture to your place, go for a grey color in rugs. In addition, grey is a soothing earthy tone to relax in your living room. Also, it balances the overall feel and theme of your home. If you have a dark hardwood floor, a grey furry rug would be the best choice.

  • White rugs:

Well, white is the most stylish color to add to your living space. While many people hesitate to use white color area rugs, it is still a popular choice. It is a perfect color to add neutrality to your place. In the same way, it is an excellent choice to create a dazzling contrast. For instance, you can place a white wool rug around a blue accent chair or a coffee table. Or, you can style it against black furniture. 

  • Brown rugs:

No color is as adaptable as the brown color. In rugs, you will find it the most common of all the shades. It is the best earthy shade to pair with any floor and furniture. In addition, this warm color will give you a cottage feel in your home. In this case, the rug gallery has one of the best bohemian collections of brown area rugs, having red, black, and white patterns in their borders.

  • Red rugs:

In bolder tones, the red color will give a stark look to your home. Many rug shops have cherry red, strawberry, and blood-red tones in carpets and small rugs. Also, these bold colors change the mood of your place in an instant. In addition to the accent, they provide depth and texture to your dull room.

  • Yellow rugs:

Yellow rugs are like a ray of sunshine to your home. They are bright, shiny, and vibrant for any home décor. Whether you have a traditional style or a modern setup, light yellow rugs will create an ambiance for your place. Moreover, natural light will enhance the effect of these yellow and golden area rugs. 

  • Orange rugs:

Honestly, orange is an unexpected color for a home interior. Either it will lift the look of your home, or it will look like an odd element. But, this color is vibrant and has a presence of its own. Also, you can add vitality to your dull house by using this color. So, if you have a neutral color scheme, orange can do the trick in no time.

  • Blue rugs:

Have you seen a color more serene and giving than blue? No, for sure. The reason is that blue has many shades to offer. That is why you find countless shades of blue in any rug shop. So, if you want to enjoy the look of sky color, go for serene blue or lake blue color. On the contrary, navy or aqua blue is the best choice to give depth to your living space. Also, try blue area rugs with grey walls and flooring. 

  • Green rugs:

Well, green is the best color to bring freshness to your life. It is a soft, relaxing, and youthful color to go for area rugs. Similar to blue, green also comes in various lighter and darker tones. The light ones are perfect for natural light, while the darker tones are much better for bedrooms. So, time to get fresh, find a green area rug.

  • Multicolored rugs in a rug store:

When it is hard to choose one, get all. Try this formula when you are stuck in colors. Multicolored rugs are streaming from generation to generation. So, a pop-up of many different colors is usually a good choice. Also, it balances all the other elements of your home décor. Moreover, using multiple rugs of many colors creates a sort of harmony among all the rooms. 


Don’t you think choosing the rug color is a fun thing? Yes, it often gets confusing. But, every online rug store has various new and old shades to offer. So, you are likely to find brown, beige, white, and grey in neutral tones. In addition, some bolder tones like red, blue, orange, black, and green will not disappoint you. So, check out the best colors and designs at the Rug gallery. 


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