Things to Know Before Moving to Nashville

Moving to Nashville

There are many things that make Nashville the first choice to live in Tennessee. With the fast growing economy, Nashville has created many vacancies in different sectors. If you are planning to move to the city then it will be the best decision. To enjoy the best nightlife, shopping and visit interesting places for fun and entertainment, you can visit Nashville. 

Things to Know Before Moving to Nashville

With growing infrastructure and real estate, there are a number of new properties available to buy or on rent in Nashville. If you consider living in Nashville pros and cons, then you will come to know that there are very few disadvantages for living in Nashville compared to its benefits. Here are some interesting things to know about Nashville before moving to Nashville.

Country Music

Nashville is popular for nightlife and music. Broadway is very famous for its bars and clubs where you can enjoy live music. Your weekend will be so enjoyable if you move to Nashville.


Every year hundreds of new vacancies are available in the health sector. Nashville is the epicenter of healthcare facilities in Tennessee. The Hospital Corporation of America, Vanguard Health System are few of the healthcare companies that are located in Nashville.

As a Tech Hub

Nashville is also going to be a tech hub. Every year many tech companies are coming to the city to grow their business. So if you are interested in working in the technology or software field then you can get good opportunities here. Nashville Technology Council also offers many courses that you can learn to start a career in the software field.

As a Tech Hub


Traffic in Nashville is very high in the city center. Office hours are more terrible as so many people leave for home or office. If you make a habit of this traffic then you will get less problems while commuting to the office or home.

For Quick Commute

Nashville  has public bus transport only. If you want to go to many places for work then it is difficult for you to commute by bus. This also takes more time. The best option is to buy a car if you live in Nashville. Ride sharing options are also available but it is not a cost saving option for daily use.


There are many fashion shops for shopping lovers here. Green Hills is one of the best places in Nashville to do shopping. There are also many local shops that sell the things at an affordable rate. You can buy all the fashion items in these local boutiques. Among tourists, cowboy hats and boots are very popular. Visitors buy them for memories and gifts.



Nashville has many good restaurants that serve very mouth watering food. For food lovers, its street food is the first choice. Many coffee shops and world known coffee chains are located in Nashville. You can get the best cup of coffee only by walking distance from your location in Nashville. 


If you want to enjoy cocktails then Nashville has popular bars that serve unique cocktails. Some of the popular brewing companies in Nashville are Fat Bottom Brewery, Tennessee Brew Works and Yazoo. The world famous Tennessee whisky also you can try here. Learn about its history also if you are in Nashville.

Historic Places

There are lots of historic places all around Nashville. For history lovers, it is the place where they can get a lot of beautiful information on country music, civil rights and the history of Nashville. There are many walking tours available that you must try in Nashville. The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s Home, and Belle Meade Plantation are the must visit places in the city.

Historic Places


Centennial Park in Nashville is located in the center part of the city. It is one of the popular parks in Nashville. Other than this, there are lots of hiking trails and parks located in the city area. For nature lovers, Radnor lake, the Warner Parks and Shelby Bottom are the must visit places. You can enjoy natural beauty here while jogging or walking. Evening time is the best time to visit these amazing places.

Nashville Parks

We hope this article has given you lots of important and interesting information on Nashville.


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