How to Recognize a Safe Website for Online Shopping

Safe Website for Online Shopping

Have you found a product that has caught your attention and have you finally decided to buy it online? Before proceeding with the order of the selected product, it is good to remember to rely exclusively on safe online stores: this in order to avoid unpleasant scams in which, very often, you could come across; in fact, the attempts of phishing and scams on the internet are increasingly on the rise, for this reason it is good to read up to stay away!

Unlike in the past, when, to buy a product, you went directly to a shop, today, with the advent of online stores, habits have changed: you prefer to buy at a better price and without having to move from home; this, however, caused an increase in scams, since not seeing the product ” up close ” there is an easier chance of falling into error: that’s why it is important to rely only on the best online stores!

Obviously, those with experience in the sector are able to understand more easily which are the secure online shopping sites: in this case the expert will be able to evaluate the security of the database or server inside which a site is hosted, but for the less experienced, the first advice we give is definitely to avoid websites that sell products at very low prices and to be wary of all those amazing offers.

How to find the best shops to buy online?

In fact, to ascertain the authenticity of a site, just follow some rules and remember them whenever you intend to purchase a product on the net. By respecting these simple points you will become a true master in recognizing safe sites to buy online, staying away from potential scammers.

Below we have decided to draw up a Decalogue that will help you direct only to safe online stores!

Comments and Reviews

To see if we have chosen reliable sites to buy it is necessary to carefully read forums and customer reviews. Through reviews of the site or products, users have the opportunity to testify about their experience, reporting it as appropriate, positive or negative. Just enter the name of the site on which you intend to buy, preceded or followed by the word reviews.

But be careful also to the comments! Very often, in fact, positive comments are written by the employees themselves or by people close to the shop. We remind you that the comments are true when in addition to the positive ones, there are also negative ones.

Contacts of social profiles

The secure sites to buy online are also active on social channels such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn; taking a look inside them you can get information about the company and evaluate their reliability.

Store data and VAT number

The best sites to buy online have the company data on the footer (the lower part of the web page) such as company name, headquarters, address, contacts and telephone number. Furthermore, all serious companies must necessarily have the PEC address by law, that is, the certified e-mail address.

Make a small purchase

If the shop still leaves you perplexed, our advice is to place a small order for a few euros. In this way you will have the opportunity to see if the product will actually be delivered to you, after how long it will be delivered to you and above all in what state the product will arrive. When you make the purchase we remind you to pay close attention to your credit card data.

Evaluate the presence of the right of withdrawal

The reliable sites to buy all have information on the right of withdrawal, that is, the possibility of returning the product within 14 days if this does not reflect your expectations. The right of withdrawal obviously provides for the refund of the amount of money previously paid to make the purchase. A site that does not provide the possibility of return can certainly not be called secure.

Beware of special offers

Always compare the price of the product: no one gives anything, much less the internet! That’s why the price of the product should not be excessively low. When the price is very low, you should start to have some suspicions since it is definitely a scam.

Identify the presence of the padlock icon

Browsing between various sites, you will certainly have seen some sites start for http and others with https.

The latter are the safest ones to use since in SSL format, which is the one that gives greater reliability and security to payments made through the use of a credit card. Reliability can be identified through the presence of a padlock icon located to the left of the name of the sites on the browser’s address bar.

Evaluate the authenticity of the website

Make sure that the website you are visiting is official: scammers just need to change a single character to get a different but similar URL to the original one (Phishing): therefore pay considerable attention.

Try calling

The best sites to make online purchases possess very clear and legible addresses: if in doubt try to call! A serious company will certainly have customer service ready to answer your questions.

Use a website’s reputation services

Online you will find several services that will help you understand if a site is serious or not, for example, Google Alerts! Use them and you will certainly benefit from these evaluation tools.

Almost certainly a scammer does not have these features, which is why you can easily understand that it is a scam. A website with little information or few products inside it cannot absolutely convey a sense of trust.

Reaches the conclusion

Currently, there are many effective methods to be able to evaluate safe online shopping sites within which you can make your purchases in peace; just put those into practice and you’re done! In addition, we remind you that the best online stores for the creation of their online store always rely on professionals in the development of professional e-commerce sites and never on alleged ones.

Through these practical tips that we have listed, we are sure that you will be able to make secure purchases without having to fear a possible scam: a last useful tip could also be to ask information to those who have previously made a purchase similar to yours! Even word of mouth, in this case, can be of great help, leading you to make satisfactory purchases and especially on secure sites!


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