How to prepare for IELTS in one month?

IELTS in one month

Do you want tips to prepare for IELTS in one month? IELTS is conducted to know the language proficiency in English for the candidates who wish to relocate to an English speaking country. IELTS does not have any set calendar for the exam but has fixed days in a week. Candidates can choose the convenient exam date as per the schedule mentioned at the time of applying for IELTS.

Candidates who have recently booked a slot for IELTS must be looking for proper guidance and approach for the exam preparation. Generally, aspirants have one or two months to prepare for the exam. The date for the exam is chosen by the candidate according to his or her needs and preferences for work or study. 

Tips to prepare for IELTS in one month

After making a subsequent booking for the IELTS, aspirants looking for a reputed IELTS center or a nearby location to pursue result-oriented coaching. Candidates who want to take coaching within one month can follow a few significant tips. Let us discuss some of them to assist the aspirants of the upcoming IELTS exam.

  1. Plan a systematic strategy for exam preparations

Make a systematic strategy to prepare for the exam. Set a particular time slot from your daily routine to concentrate on your studies. Once you have decided to sit for studies at a particular time, it will bring continuity and you will be able to concentrate. Do not break the continuity or else you will not be able to resume studies authentically.

  1. Focus more on writing over reading 

Writing skills requires more concentration and carries more weight than reading tasks in IELTS. Read articles in the newspaper and rewrite the same in your own words. Read it carefully but do not spend more time understanding the theme. Concentrate more on the writing because the structure of the sentence is given more preference than the theme. Work more on the basic sentence structure. It will save your time in the exam and one month is enough to master the sentence structure if you practice at least 2 to 3 essay writing or re-writing of articles or news. 

  1. Learn and understand basic grammar rules

Buy an English grammar book that is designed for the IELTS exam. The basics of English grammar rules are known to all since childhood as these are the integral parts of the language. One can write the correct sentences if one is aware of the basic rules. Therefore, revise the rules from the IELTS exam point of view. The basic fundamental of linguist skills can only be mastered with the help of grammar rules. The books based on the IELTS exam pattern will give you study material giving exercises on reading and writing which are asked in the exam. Simply mugging up the rules will not serve the purpose of exam preparation. If you have one month in hand then it is advisable to buy a verified study material based on the latest exam pattern of IELTS.

  1. Join online coaching for IELTS

If you have only one month to prepare for the IELTS exam then it is advisable to join online coaching for IELTS. Coaching heads draft target batches to make the aspirant prepare effectively for the exam before their chosen exam date. Attend the classes regularly and practice simultaneously. Coaching provides appropriate and comprehensive study material for the course which helps in preparing for the exam. You can join the IELTS center or elsewhere if you have more than one month to prepare. Classroom coaching at your nearby location is comprehensive and takes more than one month to prepare for IELTS. 

  1. Practicing Online 

Practice for the IELTS exam in the online mode because it is the best way to evaluate your efforts. After attempting the test successfully one can submit the same to the portal and in return, the students will be provided with the performance analysis. Performance analysis reflects the weaknesses which one must know while preparing for the exam. It will help in overcoming the weaknesses by taking subsequent doubt sessions and assistance from the subject teachers or instructors. Blind preparation does not work well as it is generally observed with the aspirants who have less time to prepare. Therefore online practice will help them a lot in identifying the weakness. It helps in improving further and if one does not practice properly and in the right direction then hard work becomes futile.

  1. Practice speaking in English 

Practice speaking in English with your family and friends. It will enhance your speaking skills and you can score high in speaking skill-based tasks of IELTS. Organize group discussions amongst your friends or classmates of the coaching institute. Discuss a particular topic and ask random questions. It will enhance your speaking skills based on the given topic or theme. 

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These are some of the tips that one must follow to prepare for the IELTS exam in one month. Hope you will be able to prepare for the exam effectively and score a high band in the forthcoming You may join IELTS. IELTS center can enhance your chances to score high and prepare well for the exam.

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