How to Write Extraordinary Movie Review for College Assignment

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One of the most interesting types of college assignments is movie review. Students, who love movies, enjoy writing a review but it is still a tough task. Basically, you have to pay attention to details related to the story, cast, filmmaking, and the team behind the scene. Consequently, it becomes a bit tough assignment. I will explain today that how to write extraordinary movie review.

How to Give Attention to Details?

In fact, you have to be critical in reviewing a movie which requires you to have analytical and critical skills. Therefore, many Londoners go for assignment help London to deal with this kind of assignment. On the contrary, if you would like to analyze a movie yourself:

  • Pay attention to the important parts of the movie 
  • Watch the entire movie if you have enough time 
  • If you have a plot of the story, read it as well 
  • Analyze the story and characters
  • Have critical look at negative features 

There are different genres of movies such as animation, thrill, horror, action, western, adventure, romance, etc. Regardless of the genres, every review would have the similar sections. 

Parts of the writing Extraordinary Movie Review

  • Title of the Movie 

The Review begins with the title of the movie and it appears multiple times throughout the review. Additionally, you should mention it wherever necessary in every section of the paper. 

  • The Plot of the Movie

The plot of the story is the most significant part of review and analysis and you have to do it critically. When you review the plot, do it like you are doing for those who have not watched the movie yet. 

  • Review Filmmaker

A Filmmaker is the most important person behind the set. Therefore, you should dedicate a part of the review for him. Tell your readers about the filmmaker’s personal as well as professional life. Moreover, you can talk about his qualification, background, and political views. 

  • Relate to Specific Class  

The movie review assignment might have been given by your history teacher or English literature teacher. If the plot of the movie is similar to a lesson in your history class, mention it in your review. If you think something is missing, explain why it should have been added to the story. 

  • Significant features  

Your film may have multiple features that you would like to highlight and discuss. For example, you can talk about unique costumes of the cast, quality, and sound effects and videographer, etc. Compare its similar features with other movies. 

  • The Cast of the Film 

This is the cast that makes a movie successful. Give a brief review of every character in the movie and those who perform the roles. If you think a particular character may be performed by another actor in a better way, suggest his name. 

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