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Have you ever got a call from anyone claiming that you will receive  coupons for spending half an hour in a one to one meeting? Does this ring a bell? Read this article about how a company can con someone. This article is a review of Vacatiaa International Private Limited. If you have also been a victim of same company, just fill this form and i will contact you for further details. Click here to fill the form.

Vacatiaa International Review – Its Fake(Check our the proofs)

Due to the lack of file attachments, I have uploaded everything to the driver. Here is the link to Google Drive on which I have uploaded all the data and proofs:

It all started with a phone call. I received a phone call from their team which was claiming to offer 3 movie coupons and a 3Day/4 night holiday package for spending 30-45 minutes in Barista Kapurthala with the marketing team of Vacatiaa International Private Limited. (1.jpg and 1.1.jpg)

Once I reached the Barista Kapurthala, the marketing team started with basic form filling and moved forward to explain their company details. My dealing person was Rishab and Rajnesh(Team head) at that time. I was about to be a victim of fraud and was not aware at that time. I will use three names in this application: Rishab and Rajnesh are from the marketing team(meet me at Barista) and Nikita is from MDR team Delhi(their work is to do verification and welcome call next day once the customer signs the contract). Let discuss the details of how this company pull off these frauds.

Vacatiaa International Delhi Review Fake Claims

Here is the list of false claims made by the company persons while making the sales and afterward:

  1. The company has a rule of AMC( sort of annual maintenance charges) to be given every year when a person will use nights from the allocated quota. At first, I was not told about it at the table. I was told about this on welcome call by the Nikita next day. Rajnesh sir claimed that I just have to give the name and phone number of any person and it will be waived off. But, MDR person(Nikita) from the Delhi team explained that it is only waved off once any lead given by me will get converted. I was shocked and did not complete the welcome call. I called Rajnesh about it. He said “me hoon na aap bus welcome call done krdo”. I will give a reference on your behalf as i am at good position. But i was concerned that what about if he leaves the company then i will have to pay those fees as well. (Phone recordings uploaded in drive.)
  2. Rajnesh claimed to offer a coupon code worth 25 thousand to make a purchase with surat diamond jewelry franchise. Apart from this, they offered more coupons for food and makeup franchise. All of these were to be received by a kit to be arrived after 30-40 days of registration. I have not received anything till date.
    • Rajnesh claimed that I could use it to buy anything worth 25000. After the call with Nikita and confirmation from the official website, I came to know that I will receive 5 coupons of 5000 and they could not be clubbed.
    • I did confirm from the Rishab regarding these coupons. He said I could use these at any physical store. But, I confirmed from the official website that they can not be used at any physical store.
    • Not only these coupons but the company also did not issue any coupons that were promised for attending the meeting at Barista for 1 and half month. I kept on taking followup and give phone calls for it. For reference check 3. Sep 22 Kit And The Coupons Not Received Till Now.
  3. The company issued it after one and a half months. Rajnesh claimed that I could gift 3d/4n coupon to anyone. But when the coupon arrived in email, it was written that it is not transferable. Referer 3.1 Sep 29 Vacatiaa International Private Limited Gift Voucher.
  4. I keep on having constant calls and conversations with the team regarding AMC, nights, package, missing details, misleading information and coupon details. I didn’t even complete my welcome call till September 1 and even after that. Please check 4. aug 21 welcome mail.
  5. I received a kit from Vacatia internationals after 2 and half month in October. But it only contained a keyring and certificate with spelling mistake in name. I called Rajnesh immediately and he said you will receive the kit after 3 -4 days. Wo kit alag hota hai. I did wait for the other kit for 7-8 days and called him again regarding this. He said I will get you kit in start of first week in November. I again did not receive the kit and called him. He picked the called and said me 2 minute me call back karta hoon. But i didnt got any call for 2 days. I called him again and he claims that you will get the kit on November 20 and he will personally deliver it otherwise it will be refunded. I did send confirmation messages on those days to remind him. But on the other hand, he talks with me in high pitch. Refer 5 last chat.jpg.
  6. Once i threatened to submit the case in the consumer forum and i did send the email to the official email of the company. ( Refer 6. Last Email to Company.pdf) I got a call from Nikita claiming that I had to call to Delhi branch for any issue. Rajnesh is just an employee. I again called the company next day, Nikita claimed that we have delivered the kit and shared me a code of the kit delivery. It was the delivery code of the kit that only delivered the keyring and wrong certificate in October. When everything went south for the company, Nikita counter-attacked and you can simply register on the website only.
  7. I still have not got any reply from their team at the consumer forum case. When I tried to get my money back, the company claims that I am harassing their employee. All they see is harassment of its employee not their customer.
  8. All I am asking is for full refund and not willing to pay even a single rupee in deduction. The company is making me understand that this is my fault some how. But I am ready to go to any extent to get my money back.

I am just making this platform for everyone who has been the victim of this company. We can get together and make our claims in court. Individually we might not be anything for them. But together we can take them down.

Fill this form if you have also been conned by Vacatiaa and submit your reviews about Vacatiaa Internationals.


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