How to Improve the User Experience of an E-Commerce

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You have decided to open an e-commerce but sales are not taking off as hoped. Why? Yet you know that your project has potential. You probably need to improve the user experience. On the other hand, this study by the Polytechnic’s B2C Strategy Mobile Observatory tells us that 46% of people from smartphones have purchased a product on other platforms than the one chosen at the beginning. This is due to an ineffective user experience.

Don’t worry, nothing is lost. You are still in time to run for cover. Find out how to improve the user experience of an e-commerce and sell more.

But what is the user experience of an eCommerce?

This concept concerns usability that is simplicity and speed of navigation. Then there is the involvement and user satisfaction that arise from his experiences on the ecommerce site.

Aiming at optimizing the UX means making the e-shop easy to navigate, as well as pleasing to the eye.

Optimize the homepage

How to improve the user experience of an e-commerce? Let’s start from the home page. The main page is your business card and must strike at first sight. On the other hand, it has the same function as a shop window. If it does not attract the customer, it does not enter.

My advice? Focus on functionality, minimalism and a consistent color scheme. Then make it clear what you want to sell. To achieve this, use well-contextualized quality images and do not fill the homepage with useless elements.

The images must show the product in its daily use. Do you sell items to furnish your home? For example, a hand-painted ceramic vase can change the face of your living room. Maybe while a family scene is taking place.

In any case, the homepage must contain the value proposition that is the reason why a user should choose you instead of other realities. But there is more. Also highlight the guarantees, i.e. the toll-free number for assistance, customer service, the return / refund policy.

Don’t forget to clarify how shipments and delivery times work. This information must be positioned above the fold together with the navigation menu.

At the top of the page also highlight a descriptive and concise call to action. For example, “Discover the new women’s collection “. Or you can insert a benefit: “Register and get 10% discount “.

Then use the social proof: before the footer shows the reviews of customers who have bought on the ecommerce site. The reason? They build trust in you and encourage you to buy.

Simplify navigation

It focuses on order, clarity and intuitiveness. In other words, it guides navigation. Take advantage of the three click rule (the user from the point where he is located makes only three clicks to move from one content to another) by adding breadcrumbs.

Do you have many products? Implement the search system with:

  • Attributes based on color, materials, sizes;
  • Automatic word completion;
  • Search by brand;
  • Filters by category.

Improving the user experience of an eCommerce means helping the potential customer in the choice.

Suggest related products or those that other users have purchased along with what the buyer is viewing. A practice also used by Amazon.

Take great care of the product sheet-

In addition to SEO optimization of the product sheet, do not save yourself on the descriptions. Enter technical details, product features, user tips and video guides that increase the conversion possibilities.

Use a simple and clear tone of voice, divide the text into paragraphs and use bold for specific information.

It pays close attention to the images that accompany the product description and reinforce its memory. They must be sharp and show the good from different angles. To facilitate viewing, I recommend applying drag and zoom functions.

Remember that the customer cannot focus on physicality therefore you must favor and stimulate the other senses, especially the sight.

One more thing: do not use too heavy images, you risk slowing down ecommerce.

Simplify your shopping cart and login

Do not neglect the cart, the last element that separates you from the sale. The customer cart is the time to pull the strings, make the latest assessments and view a summary of the products like Programs For Struggling Young Adults with photos, individual prices and descriptions and details.

The suggestion? Make this step smooth and simple. Is there a registration form to complete the purchase? Minimize steps, even better purchase without registration.

Alternatively, you can speed up by offering social login. This way the customer has to type less data. Then make the shipping costs and payment methods clear.

Improve your loading speed

The good user experience of an ecommerce is linked to the speed of loading the site. A slow internet project implies a longer wait. As a result, the chances of losing a purchase increase.

How to improve the speed of an ecommerce?

Optimize images by resizing them without losing quality. Do you use WordPress for WooCommerce? I suggest you two plugins that can meet this need:

  1. Short Pixel Image Optimizer;
  2. Smush Image Compression and Optimization.

Use the browser cache so that static site resources are stored in the prospect’s browser. In this world you get a quick upload from both PC and smartphone and tablet.

Make sure mobile browsing is effective. Here are some points not to be underestimated:

  • Outline precisely the buttons with which to tap, they must not overlap;
  • Collect information in tabs;
  • Check the correct functioning of the internal search engine;
  • Offer a comfortable keyboard;
  • Give those who are about to buy the opportunity to see the password;
  • Use vector images;
  • Watch out for the font size: stick between 13-14px;

Improve the UX of an online shopping

Before saying goodbye, I want to leave you one last tip: focus on personalizing the product. For example this UGG Boots website. They have optimized their UX for the best customer experience. 

Let the customer buy what he has always dreamed of. Be it the decoration of a vase or the desired dress. Maybe designing it based on height, weight and materials.


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