Create Video with Photos and Music

Create Video with Photos and Music

Well, let’s start with the most basic and free, a video with photos and simple music, which does not take long to produce and does not cost us any money. There are a lot of options for making these types of videos, but we are not going to focus on the ones that will give us a better result. I will explain how to Create Video with Photos.

If You Use Windows

We recommend Windows Movie Maker as a system option or Filmora as an external application. The Windows Movie Maker option is not included in the system.

If You Use Mac

For those who use Apple computers, you can also use Filmora, but the simplest option included in the system itself would be iMovie.

Programs to Create Videos with Photos

If you find these programs to create videos with photos too basic and you want to do more advanced things or that you do not achieve with these two that we have just mentioned, you have to jump to more advanced video editing programs, with which you will surely have to dedicate more time to their learning and you will have to invest a little money, although it is important to note that there are trial versions to start doing things.

First, you have to distinguish between editing programs such as Adobe Premier or its Apple version, Final Cut that serve to cut clips, insert transitions, music, texts and make some color adjustments, etc. In a rough way, the way of working is inserting from the beginning to the end the parts that are going to form the video, so if we are going to make a video with photos and music this may be a very good option.

Now that we know what an editing program is, we are going to complicate it a little more, or rather we are going to see programs that can go further, these are the video composition programs, with which in addition to inserting elements one after another, You can do many more things like animating texts, shapes, creating explosions and effects of all kinds, you can even create 3d elements. In this case and for not giving a too-long list we are going to highlight only two programs, on the one hand After Effects, which we could consider the standard of video composition programs and can be used for both pc and Apple; and on the other hand Motion It is only available for Apple, but due to its simplicity and great results, we think that it cannot be left out.

What music can I use for my photo video?

Music is an element that many times is not devoted enough time when creating a video with photos and music, it just puts a song that we like in the background, well, this can be a problem, since It will be very likely that the music we have chosen has copyright and therefore it is not legal to use it, and another problem will be that when we upload it to YouTube, they will remove the video or leave us the video but without audio, the solution? Very easy, buy music free of copyright or use free music royalty-free, or with Creative Commons licenses such as those offered on the web although for little money you can get high-quality audio on many music websites for videos for example

Another very important question about music is the force it has on the video itself since it can transform your same photos into happy photos or melancholic photos depending on the music that plays in the background, therefore when you are going to create your video with photos Keep in mind what music you are going to use, in fact, I would recommend selecting the music before starting your video, this will also help you a lot with the montage itself to select the photos that are best for each moment and also to make the transitions between photos taking advantage of changes in the music itself.

Make a video with photos online

As you can suppose you can also create a video with photos and music without having to install any video program, simply through websites that offer this service, here again, there are free and paid websites. This formula may be the simplest of all, and if it fits with your type of video with photos it will be great since you only have to register, upload your photos and see what type of template you want to use; It is something similar to websites to create your online photo album.

Our recommendation

As you can imagine there is no solution that is the best of all in all cases to create a video with photos and music, since with the most advanced programs you can make higher quality videos, but you will have to spend more money and also invest a lot of time in learning to use the program, not to mention the “artistic” part, since not only by knowing how to use a program will the video you make have a good result. And on the opposite side are the free and easy solutions, with which you will not spend much time or money, but the result may not fully match what you are looking for.

Therefore, use common sense, if you like as a hobby get involved as much as you want no problem. If your video with photos is something you don’t want to spend a lot of time on, perhaps the best option is the web option or use some free and easy program.

But if your case is to create a corporate video for your business, to get clients or something similar, and you don’t know anything about video editing, the best thing is to order the video from an Ad Film Production Houses In Dubai so that you can dedicate your time to your business.

We hope we have helped you to start creating a video with photos and music.


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