9 Modern Cabinet Styles For Stylish Kitchens Renovation

9 Modern Cabinet Styles For Stylish Kitchens Renovation
9 Modern Cabinet Styles For Stylish Kitchens Renovation

Looking for modern kitchens cabinet designs to modernize the heart of your residence? That’s OK. These architecture ideas can guide you in the proper direction if you’d like to conduct a complete remodel or give your current units an alteration.

Many individuals have been turning their stylish kitchens (стильные кухни распродажа) into entertainment spaces. It means they wanted a wow effect and display kitchen that represents their style while keeping a contemporary look. Let’s design this area as modern, elegant, and attractive as possible because we’ve been spending so much time here.

Here are nine fantastic modern kitchen cabinet designs to get you started with your kitchen design.

Veneer Wood Cabinets:

The usage of slab and wood veneer cabinetry is indeed a stylish kitchen trend, that provides richness and beauty. There are a variety of causes for its increased popularity. However, the increasing trend toward natural plans and introducing nature back into the home can influence this. Veneer planks beautifully display wood grains.

The grain patterns appear to tell a biography about the tree from which they came, so therefore naturalists will like this look. Slab veneer cabinets come in a wide range of qualities. So. finding a reliable and highly trained supplier is the best option. If you are living in St Petersburg then you can contact Ani-Mebel. These modern cabinet masterpieces, when done well, can provide years of pleasure.

Sleek Style of Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is the ideal of sleek and modern design. Even now in their country kitchens, many experts recommend stainless appliances. Steel kitchen cabinets are a great way to bring this look entirely up to date. Stainless steel cabinetry will transform your kitchen into a stunning modern haven. Aside from the high-end appearance, stainless steel cabinetry has significant drawbacks.

The downside is significant: fingerprints and the possibility of damages. On the other hand, some stainless steel fabrications claim to be very resilient to these annoyances. The benefits of these strong cabinets are numerous. Eco-friendly, easy to clean, highly sanitary, and long-lasting are just a few of the benefits.

Lacquered Stylish Kitchens Cabinets:

Lacquer cabinets are made by coating them with multiple layers of lacquer, then polishing and waxing them. Lacquer coatings, when done correctly, can be long-lasting and scratch-resistant. Some people would argue that this style of finish is not ideal for active families with kids because lacquer tends to scratch.

If you are prepared to take a chance, lacquer cabinets with their high-gloss sheen and streamlined look may be the best option for your modern kitchen cabinets. You may obtain lacquer cabinets in almost any color you like. But keep in mind that they must be clean carefully to keep their glossy shine.

Floating Shelves:

Floating shelves offer clean, straight lines to every contemporary kitchen space. Several people choose this design for their countertop and closed cupboard doors for the rest of their kitchen. To make it possible to store all of those unattractive gadgets and tools.

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A few hardwood floating shelves, together with a crystal backsplash or gleaming subway tile backsplash, will transform your kitchen from drab to stunning. The absence of concealed storage has been the only disadvantage of floating shelves.

Stained Wood Cabinet Styles:

Pickled white cabinets are not entirely in style right now. But you may still obtain a distinctive contemporary look by staining wooden cabinets with just a touch of color. The ancient texture of the wood appears to be pushed to the surface with just a shade of color, enabling the cabinet texture to take center stage. This stained-glass style appears to be a cross between back-to-nature and radical modernism.

Remove the Upper Kitchen Cabinets for a More Modern Look:

Many would consider removing the upper cabinets altogether. It can be a bit dangerous, but it can result in an open, modern area. You may replace top cabinetry with a spectacular backsplash that reaches to the top. You could also install an ultra-modern stainless steel cowl over the stovetop. Of course, if you need a lot of kitchen storage capacity, this style will not be for you. Without elevated cabinets, your storage space will reduce, as you might expect. So, if you do not need a lot of storage, this open and airy look can be the ideal option for your stylish kitchens.

Kitchen Cabinets in Distressed GunMetal Steel:

The galvanized, heated steel kitchen cabinetry has a clear coat finish and is laid over an MDF foundation. The final result is nothing short of amazing. The clean and simplistic design creates the impression that this is not even a kitchen. As the cabinets are transformed into fashionable furniture or art. This distinctive design might be yours if you like the idea of a hidden kitchen. To have these customized cabinets created to your specifications, you will need to consult a metal fabricator and a kitchen cabinets manufacturer.

Combine Wood, Lacquer, and Paint to create a variety of Cabinet Styles:

You probably have a hard time picking which of these distinctive cabinet styles attracts you the best. Why not try a combination of them all? Even in a simple space, you can play around with the color pallet. Alternatively, experiment with painted bottom wood cabinets with stainless floating open cabinets, or consider the bold elegance of black kitchen cabinets paired with contrasting elements. The possibilities are unlimited, and you are sure to choose a look that is entirely your own. If you want to attempt something different, you should talk to an interior decorator and a skilled cabinet manufacturer.

White Modern Cabinets in the Kitchen:

No matter what style of your house, white kitchens are famous for a reason: they maintain a kitchen appearing clean. Paint, glossy lacquer, melamine, and veneer all can use for obtaining this appearance. A fresh, modern white kitchen may be yours regardless of your budget. White cabinets are also a strong match for a variety of drawer pull types. If this simple, clean look appeals to you, a white kitchen could be in your near future. Just keep a dusting rag on hand to wash away any stains.


For your stylish kitchens, there are a lot of options and possibilities. Cabinet pulls are not mentioned in this text. It may be hard to choose cabinets to create a kitchen design (кухни в наличии) that is truly yours. So it is essential to take your moment and look at all of your options. ANI-MEBEL offers a wide range of kitchen cabinet designs to suit all budgets, including classics, which are a fantastic mix of old and contemporary as well as modern. You can visit there.


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