What Is A Spouse Visa?

What Is A Spouse Visa

If your marriage happens to involve a foreign partner, there are some hurdles you need to overcome. Since your partner is not from your home country, it is a must to apply for a spouse visa. This is standard practice to every country worldwide in documenting their travel history and information. With this document, any foreigner has the right to immigrate or have permanent residence with their Filipino spouse.

However, like with any visa application, the processing time will vary depending on many factors. These include documents, time, and budget. In addition, the agencies involved may need to cross-check all documents available to ensure that the application is valid. Remember, this document is the ticket to solidify your marriage with your partner.

Spouse Visa: Explained

The spouse visa, also known as the 13(a) Non-Immigrant Visa by Marriage, is the document granting a foreign national on their valid marriage to a Filipino spouse. This visa follows the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, where a foreign citizen can get permanent residence and immigration privileges to any Philippine citizen. However, not all foreign countries can get a 13(a) visa.

If this is your first time applying for a spouse visa Philippines, ensure that you do your research. An applicant can stay in the Philippines for the meantime under a tourist visa until the spouse visa gets approved. Once approved, the applicant can stay in the Philippines indefinitely if there are documents to prove the application.

Required Documents For The Spouse Visa

Like with any visa application, there are documents that you need to submit. These papers will verify your application and ensure that the transaction will proceed smoothly. If you lack at least one of the documents, the application will get delayed or rejected until you have all of the papers.

Here are the essential documents for getting a spouse visa.

  • The applicant’s Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificates
  • Filipino spouse’s valid government-issued ID and photocopy
  • Photocopy of passport bio-page
  • Police Clearance from country of origin
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
  • BI Clearance Certificate

Keep in mind that these documents also involve secondary fees which add up to the visa application. Therefore, you should set aside cash for the necessary documents. Furthermore, be patient with the waiting time with some documents since the papers need verification. Once you have all of the documents, your spouse visa will push through without any delay.

Tips In Applying For A Spouse Visa

This visa is a long-term commitment, like with any relationship. It will test how much you trust your partner through thick and thin so that you can live under the same roof.

Follow these tips to make your spouse visa application easier.

  • Communicate with your partner: Communication is key to a successful application. With your partner, discuss any important details so that the visa application will succeed. Remember, this document will grant permanent residence to your partner.
  • Have enough budget: Money will make or break your visa application. On top of the main documents, the supporting documents that will verify your application requires cash. Set aside your budget for the visa application so you have enough money.

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Wrapping Up

Getting a spouse visa will test a relationship’s time and effort. With the many documents involved, it is a must to communicate with your partner and gather the needed papers. Once approved, your partner gets a permanent residence so you can live under the same roof. In the end, having a visa is proof of your strong relationship.


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