Top 5 Ducting Companies in the UK 2022


With ducting being such a huge industry, there are lots of options available when trying to choose the right parts for your needs. You may need a ventilation system, duct pipes, tubes, bends, adapters or more! Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the purpose of each product, and especially hard when deciding on which brand to pick.

So, from our research, let’s go over the top picks for the best ducting companies in 2022!

1) Nordfab UK

Nordfab has to take the number one spot for their huge range of ducting equipment available. The standout is their unique “Quick-Fit (QF)” product line, which enables ductwork to be installed much faster than your average setup process.

QF Ducting can reduce installation time by up to 50%, and it is ideal for most dust collection applications. Whether you need clips, bends, branches, adapters, dampers or even valves, Nordfab is the best place to go for new and experienced ductwork contractors in 2022.

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Address: Limewood Approach, Seacroft, Leeds, LS14 1NG

Call Us: 1132 739 400

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2) Ducting Online

Similarly to Nordfab, Ducting Online has a wide range of ducting and ventilation products for consumers. If you’re installing ductwork for the first time, Ducting Online also offers Ducting Kits! This includes your basic duct products for a wide range of uses.

If you own a small wood workshop, they can also supply chip and fine dust extractors. This company has a good reputation, but unfortunately, many of their products are made out of plastic, which can sometimes be unreliable in duct systems.

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Address: Spira UK Limited AKA Ducting Online, Unit 38, Wooburn Industrial Park, Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire,HP10 0PF

Call Us: 01628 529122

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3) DuctFix

DuctFix has some of the most competitive prices within the ducting industry. Although the website may be hard to navigate, by taking a look at their PDF sheets for individual products, you can see just how many varieties of each product they have available.

DuctFix have a superb star rating on Google, and they’re based in Halesowen England. To top it off, they even offer high-quality stainless steel duct parts and ventilation solutions.

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Address: DuctFix, 125 Lodgefield Rd, Halesowen, B62 8AX

Call Us: 0121 559 1233

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4) DuctStore

Ductstore sells ventilation and ducting supplies, and have their own manufacturing facilities to provide galvanised rectangular and bespoke metal ducting pieces. Although they have a simple website, it has lots of product sections to choose from to suit most people’s needs.

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They actually offer more niche items, such as spiral tubes, reducers, spigots and even flat or curved shoes. Perfect for complex duct systems in workshops!

Contact Information

Address: Unit 39 Globe Industrial Estate, Rectory Rd, Grays Essex, RM17 6ST

Call Us: 01375 390149

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5) Ductmann 

Ductmann manufactures and distributes ductwork and fittings throughout the UK, focused on spirals, fans and grilles/grille boxes. A huge bonus by using Ductmann is just how fast the delivery is. You can order a product and it should arrive in under three days!

As there is no minimum order quantity, you can select individual products that you may be missing from your ducting setup from their vast range of supplies.

Contact Information

Address: Broad Lanes, Bilston, West Midlands, WV14 0RX

Call Us: 01902 408291

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