Great Business Opportunities for Fitness Fanatics

Great Business Opportunities for Fitness Fanatics

If you are a budding entrepreneur who really values their fitness and enjoys working out, there are ways that you can incorporate fitness into your life in the form of a business. How many of us can honestly say we enjoy our work?

If you are an active person and you are looking for a change of employment, here are a few ways that you can ride the fitness trend wave seen all over the world and get paid for doing what you love.

  • Personal Trainer – If you are fit and active, there’s nothing to stop you enrolling in an online course, which might take two years, but then you have globally recognised certification that enables you to work anywhere in the world. The course is intensive and covers every aspect of physical fitness teaching; you learn how to assess a person’s fitness levels, some biology theory, dietary aspects and some personal marketing. Most young people that graduate go to work at a gym or fitness instructor for a year or two, before going freelance, which is where the real money is. Once you have a few happy clients, word of mouth should ensure that you are always busy.
  • Open a Gym – If you have some capital, why not set up a small, local gym? The leading UK white glove logistics company at transports and installs state of the art fitness equipment; find the right location, invest in an overhaul and kit out the gym with the best equipment. This would be ideal for someone who is already a fitness instructor and knows how the industry works and a considerable amount of research and planning would need to be done before you can make any moves.
  • Franchises – There are a few well-known gyms in the UK that offer franchise opportunities and the good thing about franchising is you have the complete support of the parent business that already has a successful operation. If a gym has been running for 10-15 years, they would have a fine-tuned system that is efficient and people like their venues. In a situation like this, the business owner would look to assist others to set up their own branch of the brand. All you need to bring to the table is the desire to be successful and the energy to make it happen. Here are a few tips to get your small business off the ground.
  • Yoga-Pilates Instructor – The courses are available from recognised institutions, which can be studied online that lead to certification to teach yoga or Pilates. Once you are qualified, you can work anywhere; a 5-star resort in The Maldives or Thailand would have a need for fitness professionals and we can’t see a downside to living and working in a tropical paradise. Three years from now, your life could be completely different and you will always be in great shape.

The UK government has resources for those who wish to work as self-employed, which is the first step towards achieving your goals.


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