Tips for picking the best flooring color – luxury vinyl plank flooring

Tips for picking the best flooring color – luxury vinyl plank flooring
Tips for picking the best flooring color – luxury vinyl plank flooring

No doubt, your flooring texture, and color can make a big difference in your home outlook. It can either make or break the deal for you. Well, if you think it is going to be easy picking the color, it is not. The reason is that you have several attractive options on the market these days. So, choosing the best color for luxury vinyl plank flooring can be a bit tricky.


Fortunately, this article will help you with the task. You will get to know the factors that you need to consider. In addition, focusing on the overall tone of your home interior is also essential to start with the flooring. From dark tones to light shades, luxury vinyl planks come in plenty of colors that are both pretty and practical.


So, do not make a random decision in the flooring project. The following six tips will help you get through the process:


  1. Consider the room size
  2. Neutral color effect
  3. The lightning factor
  4. Dark color effect
  5. Walls and furniture
  6. Look at the big picture

1, Consider the room size:

Your flooring can dramatically change the size of a room, no matter how large it is. A wrong floor color and design can take all the hard work away at one glance. That is why it is essential to consider the size of your room while picking the color. So, luxury vinyl planks come in many shades and designs, and you cannot choose them all.


Moreover, the color of your tiles or floor sheets can make it look smaller with its seams. In the same way, the right floor color can make it look spacious and clean. In that case, most homeowners prefer light oak or beige color in luxury vinyl planks and tiles. You can get this color from Columbus flooring city.

2. Neutral color effect:

If you prefer natural tones and want a comfy place, then go for neutral color tones. Colors like beige, grey, white, cream white, and light brown are the best choices in the neutral category. In addition, these floor colors are calm and breezy for a usual home setup. Also, if you want to relax, grey luxury planks are perfect for you. They have a timeless appeal. Plus, they will make your place look much larger than it was.

3. The lightning factor:

Lightning plays a great role in all parts of your home. A perfect light fixture can enhance the entire look of your place. At the same time, a wrong kind of lightning can be a disaster for the outlook. So, if you have enough natural light in your home, it will influence your flooring color. But, in the evening, you are dependent solely on the light fixtures. So, pick the flooring and the lighting carefully.

4. Dark color effect:

Well, dark colors are as impactful as light colors. And we realize that many people prefer dark shades on hardwood floors. But, choosing the dark floor can be very tricky. While dark flooring looks all set and classy, it can make your area look small as well. So, if you already have a small room, any color like brown or charcoal color will look congested. However, dark luxury floor planks work well in bigger rooms and living areas.  

5. Walls and furniture:

The walls and furniture are integral parts of your home image. So, if you already have your furniture, pick the flooring color considering its color. Also, your wall paint has much to do with the final outlook. That is why keep these factors in mind while picking the floor color and type. For instance, dark flooring works well if walls and furniture are neutral. Or, you can keep all the elements in light tones.

  • Look at the big picture:

The biggest mistake that people make is choosing the floor randomly. Do not take any step out of the hassle. So, always look at the bigger picture, which means look at the whole place as a whole. Bring together the walls, furniture, and flooring. Then, pick the best color for your luxury vinyl plank flooring. In addition, focus on the curtains, paintings, and rugs as well. Plus, ensure that the color palette is visually perfect.

Colors in luxury vinyl plank flooring:

Some popular shades in luxury vinyl are:

  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • white
  • Whitewashed
  • Yellow
  • orange



Picking the right flooring texture, design, and color can be a real issue if you do it the wrong way. So, make sure you consider the above-listed factors while doing the task. We have many attractive options in luxury vinyl plank flooring that can be confusing. Therefore, look at the room size, walls, and furniture, and then select light or dark floor planks for your rooms. 


Your floor type and color can make it either dull or bright. So, pick the color wisely and visit Columbus flooring city for professional help.  


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