Things to Consider While Finding an International Indian School in Abu Dhabi

International Indian School

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two best places to live in the Middle East. An open and tolerant society, lowest crime rate, many International Indian Schools. Quality education and good healthcare facilities have been successful in attracting many students for their higher education and expat parents. Being a globalized economy, Abu Dhabi offers students an international environment where they can flourish.

Abu Dhabi is slowly moving from an oil-based economy to innovation and technology driven economy and therefore the government has invited many internationally recognized educational institutions and top companies to contribute to the growth of the next generation and to support the nation’s economic development.

Important Things to Look While Looking an Indian School in Abu Dhabi

An Effective Vision for the City’s Educational Outcomes

The government’s Economic Vision 2030 aims to diversify Abu Dhabi’s economy into strategic, sustainable sectors such as education, healthcare, media, renewable energy, logistics, aerospace industry etc. This will definitely have a larger scope of opportunities to residents and expats.

Being in a new country where you hardly know anything, Selecting the right International Indian School for your child can be a painful task. With so many schools offering quality education, top curriculums and superb facilities, it can be confusing as to where to start in the quest for the school. Thanks to the internet  you can get some information online but do not worry as our checklist will help you to ease your task and find the best school for your child.

Do Not Forget to Check ADEK Rankings

You can take help from the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) ratings. ADEK is the government organisation that regulates international schools in Abu Dhabi. Every 2 year they assess and rate schools all over the capital and publish detailed results on their official website which can be a useful resource for your school search.

Find a CBSE School That Is Nothing Further Than 10 Km

There is no doubt location is key when looking for the right school as you don’t want to get stuck in traffic or your child has to undergo a long journey to reach school and come back. Having your child’s school in close proximity (nothing further than 10 km) is always best.

Look for Exceptional Facilities

Abu Dhabi has no shortage of International Indian Schools that have some amazing infrastructure and facilities but finds a school that has all facilities like Spacious classrooms, Large campus for Sports and Competition and Extracurricular activities, Well-educated staff, Library, Labs, Cafeteria, Restroom, Hi-tech security service.

No Compromise on Curriculum and Teaching Standards 

The standard of teaching has to be a priority along with the curriculum offered in that school. Find a school that has a robust framework for assessing teaching standards and has a holistic curriculum that not only caters to current needs but helps in developing skills that can prepare children for future challenges. Choose a CBSE School curriculum, they are rated highly because of the robust syllabus and cutting-edge advantages and opportunities. CBSE in collaboration with Microsoft is about to introduce coding as a subject for students of Class 6-8 and data science curriculum for Class 8-12 as new skilling subjects in the 2021-2022 academic session which can prepare for future job roles. Having a counselor can be an added advantage as they can be a helping guide to your child throughout.

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Check Past History and Merit Record

Checking reviews online before making any decision is essential as it will give you some idea about the school. You can also ask some other parents of the same school to get honest feedback which can help you to make a decision. Also knowing past merit records can give an overall idea as to what you can expect from the school.

Education Cost

If a school meets all your needs but burns a hole in your pocket then it makes no sense to overburden yourself as it will cost you stress and nothing else in the long run. Find an International Indian School that fits your budget and provides all the basic things that you are looking for. Look if the institution provides scholarships as it can make education costs affordable.

What are Parent’s Common Concerns?

1) Different Types of Curricula

As per your child’s interest and future higher studies, plan to select the curriculum that meets all the requirements plus help in the overall growth of your child.

2) Documents

  • Copies of Passport and Residence Visa of your child and yourself. 
  • A transfer certificate is for children shifting from old school to new school which is provided by the existing school’s official on letterhead. It must be duly signed and stamped by the school principal; make sure it is not more than 3 months old. It must be Attested by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, and UAE Embassy of your country. 
  • Keep more copies of the latest passport-sized photographs of your child 
  • The birth certificate must be either in English or Arabic. In case if it’s not then get it translated in either of the languages from the embassy or consulate.
  • Copy of the Latest Medical report and vaccination report of your child.

You can always consult your new school counselor in this regard to clear all your doubts.

3) Should you visit the school?

Visiting a school becomes necessary to get a reality check but in case if it’s not possible you can always take a virtual tour or fix online meetings with the school to understand their practices better.

Most CBSE Schools take admission the whole year but make sure you start your research in advance and start applying as soon as the admission starts so that you don’t lose your child’s seat.


Empower your child to be future-ready by putting them in the International Indian School in Abu Dhabi where children are not just taught, they are helped in developing 21st-century skills to meet the challenges of the modern world.


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