Ten Best Employee Gift Ideas

    Employee Gift Ideas

    Employers or managers may face difficulties when deciding a holiday gift, after returning from a holiday to the employees working in their organization. Most of the managers believe that presenting awards increases motivation in employees and also helps build corporate relationships. In this article, you will read Ten Best Employee Gift Ideas.

    Sixty-eight percent of managers think that an employee must be given holiday gifts. Twenty-eight percent of employees do not forget to bring gifts to their boss. Similarly, a boss must not leave or miss them out while purchasing gifts for the loved ones, friends, and family.

    No excuses would be accepted, nor would it be enough to soothe hurt feelings of employees when the boss forgets to bring something for them. They may not expose their feelings openly, but these feelings might affect their work efficiency, devotion, and effectiveness.

    Managers may have allocated a budget to the employees’ gift section. Some might have planned to spend $10-15, some may spend $20-25, and some may pay $50 or more per staff member. It is dependent upon the will of giving gifts and relationships that one has with his employee. Employee Gift Ideas are given below.

    Best Employee Gift Ideas

    Last-minute gifts are those that can be acquired on short notice. To know what the right kind of gift is, you must know the suitable options available. The top ten gift ideas may help you choose gifts and identify the right person for the right person.

    Ornaments and Decorations

    When you are genuinely in the holiday spirit, you may want to give everyone holiday gifts such as ornaments and decorative items for the living room that will remind them of you until the ornament or decoration stays with them. It is most challenging to select the proper ornament or decoration gift, as it will also be representing your thoughtfulness.


    The hottest gift since the last three holiday seasons has been the Apple-iPod. It is instead an expensive gift for people having a low budget, but those who have kept $80 per person or above for gifts may get it from any electronics store.


    Exciting and informative books are a great holiday gift for employees. You must opt for the latest best selling book, but you must not forget to check that it is not one of those books that have already been read by them. To play safe, you can also buy them a gift card to a bookstore.
    Cash is a gift that is least expected by an employee. You can give a gift of money and tell employees to get something beautiful for themselves.

    Candy (Chocolates)

    Many people like chocolates. There is hardly one out of fifty who does not like chocolates. You can pay a visit to a local candy store with them and let them fill a box of their favorite or popular candies. It is an inexpensive idea and will also keep you on the right side of your employees.

    The Gift Idea for Women

    The Women Employees are very important backbone of any company. It is not easy to find gift that fits for all women employees. A local restaurant, a classic, or a local retailer could be good ideas for gift cards. But the best fit gift will be western dresses for girls.


    Wine is considered a lovely holiday gift, especially when you know that the employee is planning to spend his holidays with family, friends, food, and drinks. If you are working in an environment where there are non-drinkers also present, you should be careful with your gifts.


    Sending your employees fruit-of-the-month is a sweet gesture. You don’t even need to leave your office for this gift, you can get your employees’ home or office addresses registered online and can enjoy this unique present for 12 months.

    Food Baskets

    Food baskets are a gift that employees can share with their families and friends. It is a gift, which you know would be used and will not go wasted; on the other hand, it will keep you less personal.

    Gag Gifts

    Confidence in pulling off the gag gifts successfully is one of the most important things. It would help if you were sure that you could pull the gag thing confidently. You can also have a good laugh on the gag gift if it is accepted open-heartedly. If the recipient feels offended, then the situation can result in worse consequences.


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