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custom boxes

Marketing is always on the cards for businesses. But, they often shy from it because of their belief that it requires a lot of money. If you are sticking with the traditional routes of marketing, i.e., through social or print media, you might not reach all of your target audience. Custom boxes are the only way of brand advertising that does not cost you a fortune and reach 100% of your customer base. In the market, they are often regarded as the “silent salesman,” and rightly so. All you need is a little bit of creativity to unleash your true marketing potential. 


Logo printing:

The custom printed boxes are the canvas for all your branding tactics. Make them resonate with your brand values with the addition of correct visual branded elements. The unique logo of your brand is just the right addition to the design that remarks the vision of your business. When imprinted with branded color combinations, it has the tendency to capture the heed of consumers immediately. Along with that, it also speaks for the core values, pain points, and value propositions of your organization. The right placement of the corporate logo should also be your concern because it can induce constructive feelings of your brand supremacy. Placing it right at the front-facing side and middle of the design would let your firm appear of top-notch quality. So, print a bold logo on the boxes for more brand prominence in the marketplace. 


Event-based designs:

Unchanged designs of the wholesale boxes are never good for your promotional efforts. Being rote, they repel the customers, and as a result, all your hard work goes for nothing. To ideally tap their marketing potential, remember to keep changing the design. A highly recommended idea in this aspect is to keep on introducing variations according to the upcoming events. It does not cost you much since all you have to do is to change a color or two and change the structure a little bit. If you are really short on budget, you can still explore other options such as custom packaging tapes and custom label rolls. If you have seen Starbucks ’ holiday cup, you can take inspiration and design your own holiday boxes. It is a perfect way to earn brand goodwill and cement your place in the marketplace among top contenders. 


Packaging inserts:

For businesses of all kinds, retaining customers is quite easy than acquiring new ones. So, why not build a unique value for your company in front of them? Place special packaging inserts like “thank you” cards inside the custom printed boxes to convey a strong brand message. Other personalized packaging inserts could also be added to the boxes that resonate well with your targeted audience. They are rendered as perfect choices to uplift the customer experiences with your organization. These inserts might be received by some social media influencers or average social media users. The improved experience would compel them to share their experience to the digital world that promotes your company further. 


Social media handles:

With each passing day, the competition between the companies vying for customer attention is growing healthier. In this fierce competition, do not you think that you need to give a reason to the clients to hang around your brand? This is where the custom packages could be of paramount importance to you. List down your social media handles on them as they reach all the audiences of a targeted niche. Make sure to include only those handles that are widely popular so as to make a solid first impression. They would make the customers curious to find out and know more about your company. While interacting with you on social media, they might share your stories, posts, and comments that would generate digital word of mouth. 


Promotional elements:

It is true that the potential clients are fascinated by the little touches to custom boxes, such as colors and textures. They appreciate your every effort towards a unique unboxing experience. But, what they value even more than such an experience is getting rewarded. Think of adding promotional elements to your boxes because they really pay off in terms of increased brand recognition. The placement of some games, puzzles, and hints inside would make the clients spend more time interacting with your packages. Such little additions help in making a strong attachment with the consumers, and they even share their experiences with others. Additional elements like coupon codes could also be inserted inside the custom packages to reward the customers and promote yourself. 



Custom boxes are more than just boxes and are a crucial part of the customer experience. Low-quality packaging leads to negative word-of-mouth referrals. Even if the product is of higher quality, it is the packaging that is received and seen by the customers first. So, remember to follow these strategies to add to your business recognition and give your brand a lift. 


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