Sleep Apnea – the Villain Behind 6 Severe Health Problems

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Sleep apnea is often described as a silent killer. You might think that is an exaggeration and how someone can be a victim of innocent snoring, then you are actually downplaying the problem. Snoring is often overlooked as a minor problem and is the butt of a joke most of the time. But snoring can be very disturbing for you and your partner sharing the same bed. At the same time, when you wake up in the middle of your sleep gasping for breath, that feeling is not pleasant either. Hence, if you are dealing with persistent snoring or waking up with blocked airways gasping for breath, you are dealing with obtrusive sleep apnea which can be the reason for many other severe health issues.

Sleep Apnea and How It Impacts Your Life

For the longest time, people have been ignoring sleep apnea. But with more research and the dangerous facts, sleep apnea doctors as well as oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Charlotte, Cornelius, Huntersville, Mooresville and Statesville NC are stressing being careful and seeking treatment. Sleep apnea not only disturbs your sleep but also can have a severe impact on your health. Mostly, you get to see how tired and groggy you feel for the rest of the day. But apart from that, sleep apnea can cause some more serious damages.

If you are looking for sleep apnea doctors near me in Davidson, Kenansville and Concord NC, then you need to take a look at the following points.

  1. High Blood Pressure

If you don’t have it, sleep apnea might cause high blood pressure. If you already have this issue, it can get worse due to sleep apnea. When you are not getting enough sleep at night, your body will be under stress for the next day. That will cause your hormones to go on overdrive. As a result, your blood pressure level will boost up too. At the same time, as sleep apnea prevents you from breathing, there is a drop of oxygen level in your blood. That is why getting sleep apnea treatment Charlotte NC is necessary.

  1. Heart Disease

People, who suffer from sleep apnea, are more prone to heart diseases. Due to the lack of oxygen in their blood, while they sleep, strokes and atrial fibrillation can happen. The latter is the condition where the heart beats too fast or flutters. As the body doesn’t get enough oxygen, it becomes difficult for the brain to function and control the blood flow in the brain and arteries.

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  1. Type 2 Diabetes

At least 80% of Type 2 diabetes patients suffer from sleep apnea. Though studies are yet to confirm any valid link between these two, yet, this is a glaring fact. Not getting enough sleep can lead to improper use of insulin, and as a result, the body suffers from the imbalance of sugar and the patient gets type 2 diabetes.

  1. Weight Gain

Weight gain and sleep apnea work like a cycle. When you are overweight or obese, you have a fatty deposit around your neck which can result in blocking your breathing at night. On the other hand, when you are not getting enough sleep at night, the release of hormone ghrelin increases and that is why you start craving carbs and sweets more which again can result in a lot of weight gain. Also, when you are tired during the day from not getting enough sleep at night, you don’t get to exercise and turn the food into energy. As a result, you become more obese. And obesity can be another reason for a lot of health issues.

  1. Metabolic Syndrome

This is basically a group of health conditions that is related to obtrusive sleep apnea. This will include:

  • High level of blood sugar
  • Lowering the level of good HDL cholesterol
  • An increasing level of triglycerides which is a type of fat in the blood
  • A heavy layer of fat around your waist
  • High blood pressure

If you have at least three of these or more, this will eventually lead to heart disease, stroke or diabetes.

  1. Memory Loss

Sleep apnea can cause mild cognitive impairment or MCI. This is a type of problem that causes memory slips and thinking problems. This is not as serious as dementia. But this can be challenging for handling daily work and chores. And that is why getting sleep apnea treatment for older people is even more necessary.

So, now as you know about these issues sleep apnea can cause, what are you waiting for? Visit oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Charlotte NC to find out if oral devices, CPAP or sleep apnea surgery can be your options or not. Get a treatment of your sleep apnea so that you can have a longer and healthier life with many good nights’ sleep. For more info visit our website.


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