How To Start A Water Delivery Business

How To Start A Water Delivery Business

Whether you’re looking to open a water delivery business this year or conducting a business study to evaluate if it’s right for you, you can do your homework by knowing how or where to start. Any new business requires careful planning as you need to tackle different elements for the business. Since water is a necessity that everyone consumes every day, it should be a lucrative business opportunity for you.

However, before you set out to open your water delivery business in any location, you need to organize everything and ensure that it’ll be bound for success. Otherwise, the saturated market might overwhelm you and expose you to plights that’ll hit your business hard. Before getting that business license and opening a business account in the bank, consider the necessary steps in starting a water delivery business:

1. Set Your Target Market

Identifying your customers is the first step in opening any business. Depending on your goals, you may choose to sell to commercial establishments or private individuals such as home deliveries. You’ll also need to decide where to open your water refilling store or set up truck tanks like the link here. Whatever business model you apply, you’ll need to target your customers well.

People would very much appreciate the idea of someone bringing water right to their doorstep without cars, which is why your water business should offer delivery services. When studying who to target, you’ll need to consider the individuals, households, and businesses within your store’s perimeters. Everyone consumes water, so anyone can indeed be your target customer.

It’s possible to conduct your target market study and look for establishments that require regular water stock replenishment. You can also provide your products to gyms, hotels, retail stores, offices, shopping malls, schools, and private individuals at home.

2. Apply Sustainable Practices

Due to global warming, eco-friendly brands are becoming increasingly popular in industries across the board, including the water supply industry. Sustainable materials in packaging are becoming more popular among big brands. While your business is just starting up, this is excellent advice to implement on your first day of operations. Instead of using petroleum-based plastic, you can go for plant-based ones, which can serve as an immediate marketing tactic to earn the hearts of many consumers.

How To Start A Water Delivery Business

Greening your business could be an excellent way to gain the loyalty and support of your customers. Look at other means to make your water business delivery go green. You can check your route and save gas by scheduling water deliveries in the same neighborhood all at once. You can also implement a reward program for those who bring their own container bottles so you can recycle them again. It’s a good idea to consider how you can fit into the sustainability movement to gain customer recognition, support, and loyalty.

3. Research Your Local Water Quality Supply

Before operating a water delivery business, you need to research the quality of the water supply in your area. You can get this data from your city hall. This isn’t only for your own benefit but is also required for water businesses to be transparent to their consumers. In addition to describing local conditions, the report should include an analysis of the components and any violations or water quality issues that have arisen recently.

4. Decide What To Sell

Determining your product to sell is one way to get your business off the ground. To accomplish this, you must become familiar with water and the different types needed by other people. While water is a basic necessity, they undergo additional distillation and processes to result in various water quality. There’s spring water, distilled water, alkaline water, and others. While you’re just starting, you need to decide which types of water to offer firsthand.

The size of the bottled water you plan to sell needs to be decided as well. While conducting your market research, you can also observe which target consumers consume water bottles. Commercial establishments and households alike prefer the large 5-gallon bottles for their cost-effectiveness. But there are also office workers and students who need the small bottles for portability reasons.

5. Market Your Products And Brand

This tip is as important as the others above since a successful business will need to be marketed effectively. There are a lot of marketing strategies to consider depending on your target market. You can go the conventional way and hand out printed ads and pamphlets in local neighborhoods or use local SEO on social media and your website. Whatever strategy you use, make sure you’re able to reach out to your target people.

Due to the well-known nature of the product, consumers will primarily choose it based on personal preference or convenience. Your job is convincing consumers that your delivery service exceeds their expectations. Therefore, focus on building relationships, nurturing trust, and delivering the best customer service. Find ways to set your company apart from the rest. You can brainstorm unique marketing plans to set your brand at the top of the mind of your consumers compared to your existing competitors.


Demand and supply are always driving the price of clean water up as it remains an increasingly valuable commodity. Therefore, there’s no doubt that this business venture holds excellent profit potential. However, due to saturation in the industry, preparedness and careful planning can go a long way. With the tips above, you can set your brand apart from your competitors and stabilize your water delivery business in no time.


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