7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO for Growth

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO for Growth

Over the last decade, the digital marketing space has seen a lot of expansion. Almost all businesses have made efforts to rank higher on the search engine results page (SERPs) regardless of their size. SEO plays a vital role in digital marketing, and with over 85% of customers turning online for services or products, you need to implement a solid SEO strategy for your website.

SEO is one of the main pillars on which many digital marketing campaigns are built. Content rate optimization is the other. A good B2B SEO strategy will help your business grow organically by establishing itself online. Below are the 7 reasons why your business needs SEO for growth.

1. Improves Ranking

Do you want to improve the search ranking for your website? Most businesses do this because it has many benefits. An SEO strategy is the best way to improve the search ranking for your business website. But why is the rank on the SERPs so critical? It may astonish you to know that over 75% of internet users never scroll beyond the first page.

Research has shown that the first three results on the SERPs get about 40% of click-through. A third of the first two results pages never get clicked. Thus, if your website ranks on page 3 of the SERPs, you are almost invisible. Implement a good SEO strategy to rank on the first page of the search results.

2. To Reach The Right Customers

The goal is to reach a specific target market with traditional marketing channels: like billboards, TV, print, and radio. However, regardless of the amount of research, you can never be sure about the effectiveness of these methods. On the other hand, digital tools like SEO help you target specific customers through various optimization strategies for your website. It ensures that your website appears in particular search queries to distinct demographics and locations.

Targeting a specific location is called local search engine optimization and has proven a powerful tool. It attracts customers and increases sales by boosting conversion rates.

3. Increase Credibility and Authority

When making searches on the internet, people are frequently bombarded by ads to the extent they start suffering from advertisement fatigue. Therefore, the popularity of ad-blocking software has increased over the years, with people relying on them to block most of the paid adverts. The result is a decline in the effectiveness of online paid ad campaigns.

Since SEO is a passive strategy in the background, users do not feel like they are getting overtly sold. Hence, they are highly likely to click on the links on your website. It improves the authority and credibility of your website (a website on top of the SERP must be credible, right?). It is true because a search engine’s reputation depends on the relevancy and quality of the links it provides. The search engine will push a website having higher quality content.

Many online users will turn to your website as an authority through your well-thought pieces and informative articles.

4. It Is A Long-Term Strategy That Ensures Long-Lasting Results

Contrary to other forms of digital marketing like paid search, SEO results are not instant. Although it is possible to see instant results, getting meaningful ones using SEO takes time. Some studies indicate that you need about 6-12 months to see substantial improvements in the ranking results from your SEO efforts, especially if it is a new business. It doesn’t mean you will get the first spot, although possible.

In the long run, the advantage of this is that search engine optimization will increase your online visibility. It is because your business will remain visible when moving up through the rankings. Thus, upon reaching the top spot, you will stay there longer, beating the short-term visibility of strategies like paid search.

5. Enhance User Experience And Customer Engagement

Credibility is just one piece of the puzzle. One vital aspect of the internet is the business’s ability to engage with its customers. Engagement has become critical that a customer’s happiness depends on the quality of their engagements from the company they are purchasing from.

One key aspect of engagements is your website’s user experience. Is it easy to navigate? How easy is purchasing from you? Can the user find the product or information they need easily? Search engines consider all the above features when ranking web pages. If your website has a better user experience, it will rank higher on the search results.

6. Cost-Effective And High-Quality Traffic

It is evident that if your website ranks higher on the search results, people are more likely to click through it. However, it is not only the size of the traffic that matters but also the quality of the traffic. You want visitors with a genuine interest in your service or product, customers that are easy to convince and ready to convert. SEO gives you just that.

More importantly, search engine optimization is cheaper in the long run compared to other digital marketing strategies like PPC and Paid Search. It generates a more sustained and higher ROI (return on investment).

7. Staying Ahead Of Your Competitors

Search engine optimization was seen once simply as a fad. However, as the practice matures, it has proven to be an effective tool that is here for the long term. Over 60% of marketers today consider search engine optimization their topmost priority for generating high-quality organic traffic. If you are not implementing some search engine optimization strategy, you are at risk of falling behind your competitors and ranking low on the search engine results page.

Do you need your business to succeed? You must stay in front of your competitors. Ranking top on the search results page gives you an edge over the competitors.


In the current business climate, the competitiveness of online businesses has become even more fierce. As a result, the need for businesses to have a solid online presence has increased exponentially. Implementing an effective search engine optimization strategy allows your business to grow and survive while giving it a robust online presence.

SEO is also a good way of improving your customers’ user experience and building a brand image. Enhance the credibility of your business and position it as an authority within your industry by implementing innovative and effective SEO strategies.


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