Solenoid Valves and Common Problems Faced During Their Working?

Solenoid Valves and Common Problems Faced During Their Working

A solenoid valve is powered by electromagnetic energy and is used to control the flow of liquid and gasses in chemical reactions. You may face dirt blocking the proportional flow control valve, and you are not able to establish the proper pressure. There can be different issues in the working of the solenoid valves like rusting, power failure, irregular pressure, missing equipment, etc. It may possible that the coil is not properly revolving around the iron plunger.

You need to understand that solenoid valves are delicate equipment. It is essential that you should be able to properly examine them. It would keep your solenoid valves in the proper working condition. For keeping your proportional control solenoid valve in proper working, it is essential you should be familiar with the common issues with the solenoid valves. Regular maintenance would enable the longer life of the solenoid valves.

Here we are discussing the most common issues faced by users.

The Opening and Closing of Solenoid Valves:

You may face the problem of opening and closing the solenoid valves. This issue can be caused due to various reasons like power failure, missing equipment, an incorrect amount of voltage or current, and dirt stuck in the system. This may cause the stoppage of the liquid to pass through the valves.  There are certain procedure check-ups, which would keep your proportional control solenoid valve in smooth working condition. It is essential to examine the power supply and its compatibility with the valve’s motor. Most of the time, the power supply is not compatible with the valve motor. The power supply should be in precise proportionality, it is better to check the required voltage and then connect an appropriate power supply. The proportional control solenoid valve is a delicate machine a compatible power supply is essential, otherwise, it can cause damage to the motor coils.

You can perform various troubleshooting steps to keep the electronically controlled pressure regulator in proper working condition:

  • Examine the power supply of valves
  • Ensure the voltage of the motor and its proper supply
  • Current frequencies are correctly supplied to the valve
  • Ensure all the components are present

When you are able to examine the power supply and current supply, the most common issue may be the rusting of the solenoid valves. To avoid rusting it is better to use the recommended lubricants to make the electronic pressure regulator valve long-lasting. The solenoid valves are critical to inspect the working condition of the whole piping system.

The Major Coil Issues

There can be a number of issues that may happen to the coiling of the proportional control solenoid valve. The coil may be burnt, melted, or may remain cold even if you have properly connected the power supply. These issues are common due to the short circuit, slow coil armature, and high temperatures of the gas or liquid. The incorrect supply of voltage can also cause the responsiveness of the motor coil.

You need to follow these steps to irradicate the issues with the coil of the valves.

  • Examine the power supply
  • Ensure it is perfectly connected to the valves
  • Inspect the coil ventilation mechanism
  • Inspect the supply (AC, DC) compatible with the coil supply

If the coil is completely damaged, replace it. But most of the time proportional control solenoid valve coil is not compatible with the power supply. You also have to inspect the moisture around the armature and the surrounding areas.

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Please check the coil is placed right between the iron plunger as it is essential to opening and closing the small orifice of the proportional control solenoid valve. The spring in the valves are changing the position of the coil and it is necessary for the smooth working of the solenoid valves. If the coil is not precisely placed around the armature, then it can be a hurdle in the proper functionality of the solenoid valves.


The control solenoid valve needs proper inspection after regular intervals. It is better to maintain these valves according to the instructions given in the manual. Proper examination keeps the solenoid valves in working condition and you can increase their relative functionality. For better results, it is necessary to have an understanding of the various problems faced during operations.


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