How Novated Car Leasing Benefits an Australian Employee and Their Employer

How Novated Car Leasing Benefits an Australian Employee and Their Employer

Owning a car in good condition is essential to most adult Australians. Being able to get around and make the most of leisure time refreshes the mind as well as driving into work. However, there becomes a time when a replacement is required, or maybe just an upgrade is fancied, but finance proves to be an issue.

There might also be businesses that understand the importance of their employees and want to ensure that their valuable skills are retained. They realise that to get the most out of their workforce, it is a good idea to look after them properly and offer incentives. One of which would be to approach a top company that offers novated leasing on their vehicles. It provides a marriage made in heaven for all three parties concerned.

Novated leasing works by an employer entering into an agreement with those offering the lease on their vehicles as well as an employee who can take their pick of the car that they want with the payments being deducted out of their salary. Not only does it save time and money trying to find an alternative lender, but it makes it easier to keep a grip on monthly finances without suddenly realising that a car needs paying for and there is not enough money left in the bank account.

Then there are additional attractions such as being able to bundle packages together so that the finance and running costs are all covered, meaning a relaxed mood and a wonderful car to drive around in. It really is that simple as the regular payment is Novated from the employee to their employer who then pays the fleet who provides the car. Perhaps the business as part of the arrangement might wish to maintain the value of their premises through the installation of commercial security cameras.

The benefits are plentiful, not least being able to choose a car that is wanted rather it being all that could be afforded. Less income tax is paid while GST is saved on running costs. The same firm that provides the car will even help sell it for a tax-free profit at the end of its lease when smart employers team up with the right company.

All those troublesome payments that previously caused distress can be dismissed when choosing the right deal, as maintenance, tyres, repairs, and registration are covered. Even fuel can be accounted for to allow a stress-free owner to get on with enjoying their life. Perhaps it might include some family time at a local community hub. The best prices are provided, and trade-ins are made easier when the best leasing firm is involved whose website even provides a novated lease calculator so their clients know exactly what will be deducted from their salary and what they can feasibly afford.

Novated leasing is the perfect way for an employee to be able to afford a car with all the costs covered allowing them to budget properly and enjoy their motoring experience.


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