Importance of Flowers in Rakhi

    Importance of Flowers in Rakhi
    Indian Festival Raksha Bandhan , Rakhi

    Flowers are the most beautiful creation of God. It is the most delicate part of a plant which is of brilliant color and has a sweet smell. Flowers serve as a mode of pollination among themselves. Many insects suck the nectar from the flower, and it helps a lot of plants to get pollinated and results in a new plant soon. Flowers are also used to greet people as a sign of lovingness, care, respect, friendship, and many more. These also have spiritual and religious value. Many people use flowers in various functions like festivals, weddings, funerals, birthdays and so on. Rakhi for Raksha Bandhan is one of India’s most famous and traditional celebrations, as well as many Indian subcontinents. It symbolizes the festival of love, bonding, togetherness, and so do flowers. Let’s discuss the Importance of Flowers in Rakhi. 

    How do flowers play an essential role in the Rakhi festival?

    Flowers hold an essential role in every occasion in the Indian culture. It is marked as a sign of traditional and spiritual significance. As we all know, Indian culture is said to be a combination of various subcultures. It serves as a close connection to culture with flowers. In India, there’s a vast majority of flower cultivation. There’s excellent availability of fresh flowers from the time of sunrise to till sunset. It is offered as a mark of spirituality to god and goddess. It is also used as a décor material in weddings, thread ceremonies, birthdays, and many more functions. It also has many medicinal values. Many flowers are also used to manufacture perfumes, makeup products, ornaments, and so on.

    Importance of Flowers in Rakhi

    Flowers also play a significant role in the Rakhi festival. Siblings offer their favorite flowers as a sign of love and care, which brings a smile on their faces. People decorate their houses with different Flowers to give a pleasant feeling to the guests. It makes the house look beautiful too. Sisters use to throw petals of flowers on their brother, marking the sign of protection against each other until a lifetime. The Rakhi, which is a thread tied on the brother’s wrist, is considered sacred as it reminds about the promise that a brother makes to her sister of protecting her until death. You can send flowers to anyone with the help of online flower delivery in Mohali

    On the occasion of Rakhi, sisters pray for the good health and well being of their brothers and, in return, receive gifts from their brother as a sign of love. The mythology behind the festival is that the festival was known to the people after Rani Karnavati, the widowed queen of Chittor, sent a Rakhi to Mughal emperor Humayun when she needed his help. It is also said from ancient times that Draupadi too tied Rakhi to Lord Krishna.

    What types of flowers are ideal to be used in festivals?

    • Rose

    It is one of the ornamental flowers. It can be grown in the garden as well as indoors. It is widely used for commercial purposes. It holds an essential meaning in occasions like marriages, birthdays, thread ceremonies, and many other festivals. The different color of roses holds a specific meaning. Red roses signify unadulterated love and affection. Pink roses signify peace, loyalty, and trust. You can choose any color of the flower and gift it on Rakhi. The petals of roses are used in herbal tea. This is used as a source of Vitamin C. This flower is associated with Goddess Aphrodite of Ancient Greece. This is a perfect sign of purity and innocence.

    • Lilies

    In the Victorian language of flowers, it is used to portray the meaning of love and affection for the loved ones. It is mainly used to symbolize the significance of the soul. The flower has a beautiful fragrance which can attract people a lot and is used in festivals and many other occasions too. This is used to cure diseases like heart problems, urinary infections, kidney stones, and eye infections. It is used as spices in many food cuisines.It has a sweet fragrance, which makes it a useful by-product in the perfume industries.It is also used in making essential oils, which is commonly known as attar.It is said to be one of the beautiful flowers that God has created.

    • Carnation

    It is used to express love, fascination, and distinction. Its a symbol of socialism. It is used in a demonstration on May Day. The flower is mostly used for decorations purposes and is the birth flower of the January born people. Carnation is used on special occasions because of its design and bright colors. This flower has various medicinal values. The petals of carnation have a strong smell of cloves, which makes it useful for garnishing purposes in vegetable and fruit salad as well as flavoring the salad.

    • Orchids

    It is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It has a unique look that expresses the meaning of fertility and virility. It is used in the decorations of Halls and houses during the wedding ceremonies. It is used as a medium of fragrance in many perfumes. This flower has an exquisite and unreal with a unique look, which results in their perfection. Orchids have a symbolic value. It is used in medicinal purposes like treatment of cancer, strengthening of the immune system, improving eyesight, and many more.

    • Marigold

    The flower is abundantly grown in the houses due to its attractive color and multifunctional uses. The flower is offered to God. It is also used as a flower that can be used in any of the festivals. It is also used in skin treatment. Marigolds are used for making colorful tea. This flower is available in different shades of orange, yellow, and red. This flower is used in giving relief to the females during their menstrual pain and cramps. This flower is highly used in the tobacco industry as well as perfume industries. You can buy these flowers online on any e-commerce store

    These are some of the flowers that can be used in Rakhi and many other occasions that have great significance in everyone’s life. Flowers bring a smile on our faces and makes our life happy and cheerful. I hope this article has helped you in understanding the Importance of Flowers in Rakhi.


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