How Does Hoobi Global Enhance Privacy for Social Networks?


Social networking sites have revolutionized the mode of communication in the last 15 years. Let it be MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there are millions of users per platform. However, there is a great concern for privacy enhancements and since these platforms are built upon centralized and traditional databases, it is impossible to allow the extent of privacy required these days. Hoobi Global helps you to enhance privacy for social networks.

This is where the blockchain technology comes into play and offers a huge stack of opportunities due to its decentralized nature.

Exploring Hoobi Global – Enhance Privacy for Social Networks

Just like major social media platforms, Hoobi Global also allows its users to communicate with each other while protecting their data. To begin with, it is worth noticing that unlike conventional social media networks, your profile data and other payment details will be stored on a decentralized ledger, spread over thousands and millions of users across the Globe. As a result, no one would be able to bring the network down and hack your private details.

Moreover, since we are using a decentralized system, there won’t be any meta-data on centralized servers, which is often used by hackers to track the activities of different users and blackmail them later on. In a blockchain-based system, your ID is represented by a hashed string, and therefore, the data cannot be traced back to you by a 3rd party.

It is also worth noticing that when a system is centralized, it does not only blow off the privacy of its users, but the end-users are also deprived of their fair share almost every time. However, at Hoobi Global, the system shares its profits with the community, and all of this is executed with the help of smart contracts. In short, since nobody controls the governance of our social network, there is absolute transparency.

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Furthermore, the blockchain-based applications run on a P2P architecture, implying that data exchange occurs directly between two parties and there is no one in between to sniff the data and steal it. Therefore, for instance, if you say ‘Hi’ to your friend on Hoobi Global, it will be recorded in a private ledger and only you two will be able to see the content of the message.

It is also seen that on several social media networks, their ‘centralized’ teams often disable a post or remove the content if they find someone violating their terms and conditions. However, the case is entirely different in a decentralized environment where nobody has the authority to take off anything from the platform and anyone can say anything. Therefore, it truly facilitates freedom of expression.


So, it is evident that Hoobi Global has tapped into a very lucrative and futuristic use case for all social media users. Therefore, if you want to guard your private data, it is imperative that you move towards a decentralized solution.

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