10 Independent Movies That Should Have Been Successful

Independent Movies

Yes, these should be in the mainstream cinema. What does this mean? Some independent movies do not have the resources or the aid of big production corporations that have reached a mass audience: hits such as ‘ Moonlight ‘ (which won the Oscar for Best Film) or ‘ (500) days together ‘ (which is one of those romantic comedies that we all remember) were able to break that invisible barrier and connect with millions of viewers around the world. However, they are rarities. The truth is that great independent films end up staying in the background, clasped in the decreased circuit of festivals and many times they don’t even get a miserable premiere in venues beyond their country of origin.

10 Independent Movies That Should Have Been Successful

These independent movies we get here should be ‘mainstream’ not because they need to change anything of what they are, but because they should have had more impact than they had. Here, at least, we allow you to identify them and fall in affection with them as they justify. 10 Independent Movies That Should Have Been Successful are given below.

But I’m a cheerleader (Jamie Babbit, 1999)

One of the most original, fun and queer comedies of the 90s, starring the now star Natasha Lyonne (from ‘ Orange is the new black ‘ to ‘ Russian Doll ‘). Directed by Jamie Babbit, it tells the story of a cheerleader who realizes that she is more attracted to women than to men. When her family realizes it, they send her to a camp to cure homosexuality. A hilarious and acid satire on these horrible conversion processes that have just become a classic of the LGTBI defense.

The Duke of Burgundy (Peter Strickland, 2014)

Keeping close track of Peter Strickland is a fundamental cinephile duty. And, among its many genii, this movie starring Sidse Babett Knudsen and Chiara D’Anna is a must. A fairy tale was full of surprises, in which two women search for the limits of their relationship in unexpected ways. Aesthetically brilliant, narratively resourceful, and emotionally captivating.

Take Shelter (Jeff Nichols, 2011)

Fantastic cinema in an indie key of the highest quality, courtesy of Jeff Nichols. When his deaf young daughter starts hallucinating about an impending apocalypse, Curtis ( Michael Shannon ) and his wife ( Jessica Chastain ) hide in a shelter in case the storms that seem to be about to sweep the place are the fulfilled premonition of the little girl. A great movie that plays with the possibility (or not) of facing the end of the world.

Sound of my voice (Zal Batmanglij, 2011)

If you liked Netflix’s ‘ The OA ‘, you are in luck: its creators, Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling signed this film before the series, which already shows their existential and mysterious tendencies in the science fiction genre. In it, a couple infiltrates a sect and they will fall surrendered before their hypnotic leader (Marling), who will find it much more convincing than they had ever imagined.

American Splendor (Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman, 2003)

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Could it be one of the best and least-known adaptations of a comic to the big screen? Based on the autobiographical work of Harvey Pekar, this film is an absolute deconstruction of the genre and at the same time a fantastic sample of how to adapt it in images. It follows the story of Harvey ( Paul Giamatti ), a guy who works in a hospital and ends up discovering in the comics his true vocation. Smart and fun.

Movern Callar (Lynne Ramsay, 2002)

One of the first works by Lynne Ramsay (awarded in Cannes for the great ‘ Actually, you were never here ‘) awarded at different festivals and a work that deserves more attention. He takes us to a small town in Scotland where a supermarket cashier ( Samantha Morton ) watches her life turn around after finding her boyfriend’s body and taking away the novel he had written to start a new life. In Ibiza!

The Guest (Adam Wingard, 2014)

Neons! Electronic music! Dan Stevens! Get ready for experience between action and suspense with this great Adam Wingard movie, in which a mysterious ex-soldier appears out of nowhere in the house of a deceased colleague. Lucky that the sister ( Maika Monroe ) does not trust the hair of him or his sculptural body. A film is full of style, fun, and violence.This is most famou Independent Movies.

Obvious Child (Gillian Robespierre, 2014)

Not that we’ve had many good examples of romantic comedy in recent years, but it certainly should have stood out from the crowd. Directed by Gillian Robespierre, it tells the story of a monologist ( Jenny Slate ) who uses her own life as a matter of joke. But that habit will end up having consequences in her love life and she will be forced to make some changes. A ‘rom-com’ with a feminine perspective.

Mistress America (Noah Baumbach, 2015)

‘ Frances Ha ‘ became an icon, but in ‘ Mistress America ‘ there is as much or more magic if possible. Once again, Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig make an infallible team to talk about insecurities and the need for validation. Set (of course!) On the streets of New York, it shows us how the lonely Tracy ( Lola Kirke ) meets the magnetic Brooke (Gerwig), a thirty-year-old who breaks all the molds and is going to become her vital model.

Brick (Rian Johnson, 2005)

Many years before being beaten by Star Wars fans for ‘ Star Wars: The Last Jedi ‘ and being nominated for an Oscar for ‘ Daggers in the Back ‘, Rian Johnson showed himself as a promising talent in this film, his debut feature. , starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, who plays a brilliant student who is obsessed with solving a mystery related to his ex-girlfriend. A trip is full of strange encounters, humor, imagination, and style. The budget of Brick was a mere half million USD and it collected 3.9 million USD as the box office collection.


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