Here You Can Find The Top 10 Exciting Things to Do in Tampa


Hop on travel freaks because you just signed up for one of the most rip-roaring and enthralling tours ever! Thrillophilia brings the best of Tampa, kicking off from the wild and sensational tour of one of the world’s largest aquariums with a plethora of marine animals to the vibrancy and extravagance of Tampa’s art museums depicting modern and contemporary imaginative and artistic skills. Tampa is a fancy and extremely magnificent tourist attraction, featuring a galore of panoramic beaches, cosy and intriguing beach town lifestyle, pleasant climes, scrumptious American delicacies and an abundance of wildlife. A place as exquisite as Tampa should be on every traveller’s itinerary!

Visit Tampa Theatre

– With a captivating history, the Tampa Theatre has stood on its ground for over 100 years and has been successfully running as one of the major theatres in the whole of Florida. The spectacular and senile architecture of the theatre resembles. The early 20th century and the time’s extravagance. With a plethora of bright red and plush seats in a colossal auditorium, the Tampa theatre features modern-day underrated documentaries, motion pictures and international movies. The Tampa theatre plays its iconic and historic Wurlitzer organs before all its screenings. This vintage and classical theatre will take you back in time when motion pictures were the talk of the town.

Explore the Hindu Temple

– As much as Florida is loved for its wild and luxuriant lifestyle and attractions, the lesser-known and Kedarnath Deep religious side of Tampa is a sight to witness. The Hindu temple of Florida is a bewitching tourist attraction open to all. The intricate and ancient architecture and spiritual culture of this temple is an absolute marvel. Devotees and ardent worshippers visit this temple on all major Hindu occasions. Apart from this the temple also offers yoga and meditation sessions on special occasions. Special study concourses on ancient Indian scriptures and manuscripts and Hindu languages sittings. Rejuvenate and rekindle your spiritual inner sense at this Hindu temple and take a break from the hustle of your vacation.

Visit the Tampa Zoo

– A hearty retreat for animal lovers, visiting this voracious. Tampa zoo with a plethora of wild and exotic animals can be the most incredible escapade for your family. Based on Thrillophilia Tripadvisor reviews, this zoo has over 20,000 animals imported from various countries around the globe. The zoo offers thrilling close up interactions with African elephants and penguins. Tampa zoo houses an abundance of tropical aviary creatures, some of them being extrinsic to the state of Florida. Take your kids on a ravishing and exciting safari ride and witness the royal Bengal tiger and the majestic lion in open and verdant natural habitats. The zoo hosts spectacular live shows with animals too. This edutainment trip is a fun getaway and a beautiful way to learn about the wildlife that surrounds mankind.

Enjoy the nightlife of Tampa

– When in Florida, do not forget to explore the wild and crazy nightlife that the city of Tampa has to offer. Tampa is the pinnacle of flamboyant and ostentatious casinos, pubs, beach parties and grandiose resorts. The most crowded tourist attractions are the hard rock cafe and casino Tampa. The casino offers a wide range of entertainment activities with blackjack. Poker for gambling lovers! Take advantage of legit Thrillophilia reviews, and order customer favourite scrumptious beverages and mouth-watering delicacies at hard rock cafe. Sway to the beats of the sensational music that will enlighten your mood.

Visit the Florida Aquarium

– The Florida Aquarium is the favourite location in Tampa for discovering the waters, with exhibits focused on Florida’s coastal wetlands, areas dedicated to shoreline communities, and collections on the ocean floor. There are tenacious fish, vibrant coral, snapping sharks, strange penguins, and much more. Penguins: Backstage Pass, of course, is the highlight, with visitors getting up close. Personal with the beautiful beasts as they waddle, feed, and wiggle their tail feathers! In the 4D theatre, you may watch short educational films about deep marine creatures that will rock your seat and strike you with simulated wind currents. The aquarium, which is suitable for all ages, takes visitors on a tour through several marine ecosystems, from freshwater springs to the vast Florida Keys!

Take a Stroll on the Tampa Riverwalk

– The nearly two-mile Tampa Riverwalk combines the city’s lively cultural and sporting facilities, family-friendly parks and museums. The city’s robust corporate sector, creating a unique and enjoyable new way to spend your leisure time downtown. It’s easy to select the ideal Tampa Riverwalk date night with a huge number of waterfront eating options. Three museums, a regular stream of outdoor festivals, and a vast array of water sports. The Tampa Riverwalk provides something for everyone, whether you prefer a stroll or a more active schedule.

Take a Dolphin tour into Tampa Bay

– Because Tampa Bay is teeming with aquatic life, excursions and maritime tours are always among the greatest things to do in Tampa! Bottlenose dolphins, turtles, manatees, exotic birds, and other species may all be found in the dynamic Tampa Bay ecosystem, which can be explored on 90-minute cruises. The sight of their silvery body glimmering in the sunlight as they bob and swirl over the waves will stay with you forever! So get your cameras ready – not just for animal photos, but also for photos of Tampa’s opulent beachside mansions!

Take a thrilling ride at Busch Gardens

– Busch Gardens is a fantastic way to spend a day in the Tampa sun, spanning 297 acres and including over 12,000 animals, live performances, eateries, amusement parks. Shopping, and activities. The Iron Gwazi, the world’s fastest and steepest Hybrid Coaster, is a must-see for adrenaline junkies. Visitors may enjoy the park’s combination of entertainment and education. Which is said to appeal to everyone from animal lovers to thrill-seekers. You could be spoilt for choices with so many animals to view, so if you need some assistance picking, hippo, elephant, and kangaroo trips are a safe bet!

Visit the Tampa Bay History Centre

– This institution, located amid the shops and arcades of Tampa’s vibrant Channelside District, is the go-to site for visitors interested in learning more about the city’s history. You can expect to see intact ancient records. Seminole relics, and a rotating schedule of temporary exhibitions highlighting the achievements of modern archaeology and historical study. The Tampa Museum of Painting has it all, from a complex collection of Roman sculptures to a messy art station. Where the youngsters may play with watercolours.

Relax at the Adventure Island Water Park

– Adventure Island, located right down the street from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, is 30 acres of water-filled excitement in the tropics. For guests of all ages, Adventure Island offers the ultimate combination of high-speed thrills and tropical, calm surroundings. An unparalleled blend of waterslide, paddles, waterfalls, a wave pool, children’s water playground. Other family activities awaits within a calm Key West ambience. Adventure Island at Busch Gardens Waterpark has outdoor eateries, picnic and sunbathing spaces, souvenir stores. A championship sand volleyball complex for hours of sun fun.


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