Content Marketing for It Companies – What Works and What Doesn’t

    Content Marketing

    In order to competently promote an IT company’s product or service using content, it is important to be aware of what works in content marketing for IT and what will be a waste of money. Find out the answer to this question from the article, as well as get recommendations on how to effectively implement the content promotion strategy. 

    Creating a content strategy for IT 

    Content strategy is a collective concept that includes business analysis, market research, and assessment of competitors’ activity. What to focus on, how to attract visitors, which channels to use – all this is important to think over and structure before starting work on content.

    An individual content strategy is developed for each project. Blind copying of competitors without deep elaboration will lead to a budget drain.

    Why do you need a strategy?

    Creating a strategy, you will determine the direction of activity for the next 2-4 months. A structured and formalized plan helps to track the implementation of tasks, as well as have publications in stock and not work hastily.

    If you want to profit from the content, analyze the market, your target audience, and its preferences. Without this, you will waste your time and money and you will be left with nothing.

    How to draw up a content strategy

    As a rule, the plan reflects topics, publication dates, thesis content of the article, those responsible, and the status of implementation. You can create a document in Google Sheets, a text editor, notepad, or a piece of paper. The main thing is that he is always at hand. This way you will provide yourself with regular publications and you won’t panic about topics for articles every time.

    Moreover, many entrepreneurs in seek of online recognition use to create a page on Wikipedia about their business. This allows them to gain maximum credibility in their business. Since creating a Wikipedia page and article is quite a difficult task, that’s why they hire Wikipedia Writers to get their pages and articles.

    Improving Promotion Technology

    SEO technologies are in constant development and improvement. Search engines are changing site ranking algorithms, so the methods and tricks that worked in the recent past have now completely lost their relevance.

    Therefore, if a novice entrepreneur wants to succeed in this direction, you need to constantly conduct research and study trends in the world of search engine promotion. And adjust their marketing research in accordance with this.

    Moreover, the head of the company should also have an idea about SEO, and not assign all the promotion responsibilities to his employee or a hired specialist. In this case, the businessman will be able to take advantage of a large number of benefits of content marketing for less money.


    When appearing on the market, the company does not have a loyal audience and customers who are already familiar with the products and are ready to share their knowledge with other people. Therefore, to expand the consumer base, it is necessary to invest additional funds in increasing brand or product recognition.

    What is it about? It is not only necessary to create content that advertises manufactured products. You should please visitors of your resource with interesting stories, fun contests, exchange of experience, and information about various events.

    A striking example of this approach is National Geographic. Various products are produced under this brand, and its popularity is due to excellent additional content that attracts the attention of visitors. We are talking about the TV channel, photos, and videos. This forms a huge loyal audience and increases the percentage of conversion.

    Why do stories and entertaining content increase the effectiveness of content marketing?

    • Stories are of interest to users and are forced to return to the resource;
    • The presence of additional content on the site increases brand confidence;
    • People are more likely to trust stories than advertising slogans in ads.

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    Beginning businessmen should focus on finding contact with the target audience using interesting stories and other similar content.


    As soon as you eliminate common mistakes in content marketing and begin to follow tips for the effective promotion of goods and services, the volume of sales of goods and services of your company will increase. This will not slow down the impact on the profitability of the business and will ensure long-term growth for the next 5-10 years.


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