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Trading equipment used to pay for goods and services is constantly being improved. This is caused both by market competition and the need to comply with legal requirements. In the article we will tell about the features of one class of such devices – online cash desks with acquiring.

Online Cash Desk With Acquiring: What is it and What is it for?

An online cash desk with acquiring is a combination of three functions: a traditional cash desk, a tax “snitch”, and a mechanism for accepting payment by bank cards.

Cash desk with acquiring

This feature allows the Federal Tax Service to have an additional source of information for controlling the income of taxpayers involved in the sale of goods and the provision of services. This area is normatively regulated by the Federal Law of 06.22.2003 No. 54-FZ.

Acquiring, for its part, provides the reception of plastic or smartphones with cards attached to them to pay for purchases. In the classic version, this function is implemented through a POS terminal. The latter can be a standalone device and can be connected to the cashier via cable or wireless, or it can be built into it.

The presence of a built-in acquiring function at the online cash register eliminates the need to use a separate POS terminal. This is especially true when using officeless and off-site service models since the compactness of the mobile online cash desk with acquiring makes it easier to work with it.

How does the online cash desk with acquiring work

Online cashier and acquiring is not a simple mechanical combination of two functions, they are connected informationally:

  • after completing the purchase, the cashier issues an order to the terminal to receive a payment by credit card;
  • a transaction is launched in which the terminal itself, the buyer’s plastic, the acquiring bank, the issuing bank and the payment system, within which the card was issued, are involved.

If the transaction is successful, the cashier receives information from the terminal that is further processed:

  • The sale is finalized, recorded in the memory of the drive (registrar);
  • Fiscal information is transmitted through the operator to the tax service.

After the transaction is completed, the seller prints two checks – a terminal (from the acquiring bank) and a cash register containing detailed purchase information, including fiscal ones.

This scheme is even more complicated if alcohol is sold. In this version, the online cashier turns to EGAIS, a unified system for recording sales of alcoholic beverages. If there is no connection with EGAIS, then buying a drink (with the exception of beer and other low alcohol drinks) from the buyer will fail either on the card or in cash.

How to get an acquiring cash register into operation

In order for the online cash desk with acquiring to work, you must:

  1. register a cash register in a tax office (this can be done online);
  2. conclude an agreement with a licensed fiscal data operator (OFD) through which revenue information will be transferred to the tax;
  3. register a cash desk in the Unified State Automated Information System if alcohol will “breakthrough” through it;
  4. conclude an agreement with the bank for the provision of acquiring services.

If relations with one of the parties were formed earlier, then they will need to be reviewed and amended in the documents taking into account new equipment. After that, you need to connect, configure, and test it. If you can’t do it yourself, you should contact the technical support of the OFD, EGAIS, and the acquiring bank.

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Some banks offer in addition to acquiring services and equipment. So, in Sberbank you can rent online cash desks of the Evotor model with support for 54-FZ for 1800 rubles. per month. Such a scheme will facilitate the connection and configuration of equipment and save from unnecessary problems during its operation.


For a more or less savvy and law-abiding entrepreneur, switching to an online cashier with acquiring will not be a problem either technically or morally. Openness and transparency of operations will be disciplined, encouraging compliance with laws, and the acceptance of credit cards will help expand the client audience.


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