6 Signs It’s Time To Sell Your Home


Each home performs a different function in the lives of its occupants. Some are built to last a lifetime, while others are simply meant to keep people warm for a few years. Sometimes life plans change, opportunities arise, or people simply outgrow the space and seek a change of scenery.

If you’re feeling pushed to sell your home but aren’t sure if it’s the right move, keep reading for signs it’s time to sell:

1) If Your House Isn’t Accommodating You

Your family may be expanding, and you need extra bedrooms, or you may be retiring and wish to downsize to a one-story home. A residence that doesn’t fit you is usually a sign of time to sell.

Consider your financial needs. You may have saved up for a home gym or pool, or you may be housing poor. Property taxes, mortgage, and maintenance fees typically consume almost a third of a household’s income. And for those with college loans or credit card debt, this is especially true. Selling your property could help you move into a more inexpensive one.

Selling a home can be pricey; therefore, you may need to sell off-market. You might sell it to a fixer or buyers like Safe Home Offer.  

2) You’re Emotionally Ready To Let It Go

If your finances reveal that you’re ready to move, wonderful! Just because the figures say you should sell your house doesn’t mean you should. Remember, selling a property is an emotional process. Before you put up the ‘For Sale’ sign in the front yard, consider these questions:

  • Are you ready to prepare my home for house hunters?
  • Do you need to have it ready for weeks or months?
  • Are you ready for honest—and sometimes difficult—negotiations over my home’s value?
  • Are you ready to leave the place where my family made memories?

Be fully prepared when the time comes for your family to move on.

3) The Market Is In Your Favor

Experts advise selling your house if any of the following are true:

  •  Home prices in your neighborhood are rising.
  • The time spent on the market is diminishing.
  • Your area is a hotspot for buying and selling houses.

If your neighbors are selling their homes for big bucks, you may be in a seller’s market. Use an online estimator or chat with a local real estate professional to know your home’s estimated value. Agents frequently provide free market appraisals.

6 Signs It's Time To Sell Your Home (2)

Notably, as the market steadily recovers, the most valuable assets (bigger expensive homes) are gaining in value the fastest.

4) You Need To Relocate

Every year, millions of people move. Are your commutes getting longer and longer? Then maybe it’s time to move. It doesn’t matter if you want to move closer to work or your kids are to start high school somewhere else.

Selling your present property is critical if you need to relocate for work or a new start.

5) You’re Profiting From Low Interest Rates

If you’re undecided about selling your home, do some research beforehand. The current mortgage interest rates are an essential factor to consider when deciding whether or not to sell. If rates are low, you should strike while the iron is hot.

Low-interest rates benefit the buyers and the sellers. Most sellers use the proceeds to purchase a new home. If you plan to get a new mortgage after selling your old one, be sure the rates are reasonable. Getting a low-interest mortgage will help you save money over time.

6) You Have Equity

One of the crucial signs is having equity in your home. With enough equity, you’re more likely to walk away from the table ahead of the game.

Equity is the difference between your mortgage balance and your home’s value. More equity is better. Calculating your equity can be difficult. First, check your most recent mortgage statement for your debt. Next, determine your home’s current value. Don’t only depend on estimations; they’re sometimes overstated. Instead, contact a professional for a market study. This is done by comparing your property to similar homes sold in your neighborhood. Agents don’t necessarily charge for this. After all, they hope you’ll call them if you decide to sell.


People sell their houses for many different reasons. Some are good, and some aren’t so good.  If you find yourself in one of the situations mentioned here, you have at least one good reason to think about selling your home. If you’re decided to sell your home now, call a professional team of home buyers or request a free home estimate online.


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