Why Spy App is Important to Keep an Eye on Employees

Spy App

The employers across the world have been using surveillance tools to keep their employees under supervision. This enables them to monitor and boost the efficiency of workers by preventing them from unproductive and malicious acts. The surveillance cameras employed in workplaces are not efficient enough to keep track of every activity performed by workforces. You might need spy app for employees to monitor their activities.

Importance of Spy App for Employees

The technologists have developed spy app to empower employers to keep track of almost every act of the workers within and outside the workstation. The employee monitoring app is proven in boosting workers’ productivity. Read on to know about the effectiveness and use of the spy app for tracking employees.

Supervise Employees’ Activities Inside Workstation

It is important to keep an eye on workers’ activities inside the workstation during the working hours. The employers must know what their workers are doing and how they utilize the duty time. The spy software lets them know what each worker is doing in real-time.

The software also facilitates employers and managers to keep tabs on a cell phone and computer use of employees. If your worker is killing duty hours doing gossips, chatting with friends and fellows, or misusing the internet for entertainment purposes, the spy app lets you know about it. It helps you identify disloyal and unproductive workers of the company.

Remotely Monitor Employees’ Activities Outside Workstation

The surveillance software does only allow supervising the employees working inside the workplace but it also lets you oversee the traveling and remote workers. Usually, the sales and marketing staff are responsible to deal with customers or parties who are not supposed to come to the workplace. All the employees who need to travel to execute their tasks can be overseen and managed with the help of a cell phone spy app.

You can trace the GPS location of your traveling employees to make sure they are on the assigned visit. The surround monitoring feature of the high-tech employee surveillance app OgyMogy lets you know what your employees are doing outside the workplace. By remotely operating their monitored devices, you can see and record their actions and conversations.

Keep Track of Online and Offline Chats

The cell phone surveillance app enables business owners and managers to keep track of online and offline conversations of their employees. All the chats made through company-owned mobile phones can be supervised by getting access to the online backup of the messages.

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The monitoring app automatically creates an online backup of SMS, MMS, and instant messages received and made by your workers. It also syncs contact numbers of communicators as well as a time and detail of the conversation. The emails exchanged via Gmail can also be supervised without accessing the mobile phones or computer devices of employees.

Trace Calls of Marketing, Sales and Customer Care Staff

The employee surveillance software lets you supervise how your staff interacts with current and potential customers. You can trace their messages, emails, and phone calls as well. The inbound and outbound phone calls of employees can be recorded with the help of the spy app. It automatically records every phone call without letting the workers know. You can listen to the recorded calls anytime through the web portal of the spy app.

Watch out Social Media Activities

The displeased workers head to social media or online platforms to defame or bad-mouthing about the organization or employer. It is important to supervise the social media activities of employees to prevent them from wrongdoings and unproductive acts. You can trace the commonly used social media apps and instant messengers with the OgyMogyspy app. It includes but not limited to Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram. You can access chats and posts made by your workers on the socializing platforms.

Evaluate and Manage Internet Usage of Employees

The importance of the internet for business is unquestionable. However, unsupervised and uncontrolled internet access can cause major productivity loss. The employees are likely to misuse the internet facility for entertainment purposes. With the use of monitoring software, you can find out how your employees use the internet on their computers and mobile phones. You can detect the websites frequently visited by your staff. Also, you can block access to objectionable and unwanted websites with the help of tracking software.


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